Joel Reilly

Inside Community 54 with the Toronto partner & Lucy the dog

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style team


We’ve written before about the resurgence of art and the robust community of designers flocking to Toronto’s Parkdale. This neighborhood is booming with talent and a hip vibe has continued to grow more robustly in the last few years.

It’s all thanks to a few entrepreneurs and visionaries who have a knack for sussing out a location’s potential to get the ball rolling (or give it a big push). By bringing the right people to town, Community 54 partner and dog lover Joel Reilly, and co-founder from the original establishment in New York’s LES, Daymon Green, have started something truly special and given well-curated, artistic life to a community that couldn’t be thirstier for it.

Located at 1275 Queen West, Community 54, the boutique lifestyle, coffee & clothing shop has established itself as a hub for all things good in Parkdale and beyond. Of course, they’re dog friendly, so co-owner Joel Reilly can bring in his tiny, feisty, friendly, adorable black fur ball named Lucy. The gorgeous little pup fits right into Joel’s image because, well, black goes with everything.  Reilly, the culture connoisseur, plays an integral role in the Community 54 movement and as long time Toronto inhabitants, we couldn’t be happier to have him, his friends and coworkers boosting the image of one of our most culturally important parts of town.

Joel lays out a bit more about his life, business, and Lucy the dog below. Read on!


Please tell us about yourself:

Community 54 is more of a movement than a clothing brand and retail store. My favorite part is empowering young people to follow their passion and giving them the tools they need to progress in their career.

A bit about your pet:

Lucy just celebrated her first birthday. She is a Cockapoo who was the runt of the litter. But at just 7lbs she acts like a full grown dog.

What does your ideal weekend look like?

Heading out to my property in Prince Edward County with the wifey and working on the farm.


Describe your personal style:

Casual street, with our brand, Community 54, mixed together with local brands we carry in shop — and some fly kicks

What inspires you?

Persistence overcomes all resistance

Community 54 owners

How would you describe the look and feel of your shop?

Community 54 has a sense of charm with wood floors, tin ceilings and brick walls.

Please share a story about your pet:

Lucy is never scared, even being the runt of the litter at only 7lbs (traditionally Cockapoos are 25lbs +). Lucy thinks she is a big dog and is always running up to the biggest dog in the park. Like I said, never scared.