Dog Lovers Come Together in Mourning of Diesel the Paris Police Dog

A tribute to a special dog in the wake of the Paris attacks

By Jon Nelson

Diesel the Police Dog Get Leashed Mag

Through the dark tunnel of a tragedy we’re oftentimes rewarded with small, silver lining stories of heroic actions as they unite us in mourning and a celebration of bravery. After last week’s attacks in Paris, Get Leashed was saddened but heart-warmed to find that one of the most popular such stories is of Diesel the police dog. Diesel was killed by “terrorists” while performing her duty of searching for explosives.GetLeashedMag-Diesel Police Dog

Police dogs play an integral role in keeping us safe. The wonderfully adept dog brain has been utilized in incredible ways throughout our history and their abilities have improved vastly as we continue to understand their capabilities. Diesel was undoubtedly no exception and because of her, those who wished to continue to harm were stopped and many lives were likely saved.

It’s been said that all dogs go to heaven and we like to think that Diesel is resting peacefully in knowing how proud of her everyone in Paris and across the globe is. We also wish her handlers all the best in this mourning period as loosing a dog is incredibly difficult and can only be harder when the dog is as special and talented as Diesel was.

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