Colin Campbell

Get to know the Free Days with George author and his famous Newf!

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style team

Colin Campbell Get Leashed Magazine

Colin Campbell is the author of Free Days with George, which, if you’re a dog lover, should be the next book you read. It tells Colin’s own story of how, during a major low in his life, he rescued a large Newfoundland Landseer that in turn rescued him back and together they built a wonderful relationship based on trust and companionship. It’s a humorous and touching read that we definitely recommend getting for yourself or someone on your gift list this holiday season.

As big as he is, George is totally acclimatized to urban life. He even seems to know how cool Colin’s downtown Toronto loft is and one of the many things he conveys – by flopping his huge body on the floor and rolling over for a tummy rub – is how at home he is in it. George is a dog with so much personality that you can’t help but want to become friends with him. We can’t imagine how much attention he and Colin garner on a simple stroll around the block.

Science says that dogs really do feel love and if you didn’t believe it before, one hangout with George and Colin will prove it. These two are best buddies, plain and simple. Read on for more about Colin and George’s life together! Oh, and they have an awesome, camera happy cat too.

Colin George and Charlges Get Leashed Mag

Please tell us about yourself:

I am an Author, my first book, Free Days With George was published by Random House Doubleday Canada this past May. The favorite part of my job is meeting readers at book signings or at Literary Festivals who share their appreciation of the book. It is rewarding to hear people say nice things about what you wrote, and how it has impacted their lives. I spend several hours a day updating the social media feeds of the book and engaging in strategy and logistics for the release of the book in the United States next year. It’s very exciting!

A bit about your pet:

My 7 year old dog’s name is George, he is a 140lb Newfoundland Landseer who I adopted as a homeless “rescue” when he was a year old. Being a Newfoundland, he is a very strong swimmer and was bred to save lives in the ocean. I spent several summers during University as a Lifeguard at a beach in Nova Scotia and wanted a dog who liked to swim. George loves the water and not only swims, but he is also a competitive surfer, and has won several awards at the Surf City Surf Dog Championships in Huntington Beach, California. He is a sweet loving dog, who overcame early hardship to lead a very unusual and exciting life that is chronicled in the book. It’s a fun, crazy story!

George being George Get Leashed Mag

What does your ideal weekend look like?

We spend most weekends around Toronto running errands and going for swims at the Filtration Plant in the east end. Our regular first stop every weekend is Sweet Bliss bakery on Queen Street east for cappuccino and THE BEST cinnamon buns in Toronto.

Describe your personal style:

Relaxed and casual.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by water and the lifestyle of living and playing in the ocean. Being around the ocean or a lake is a key ingredient for having an occasional “Free day” – a day on earth that you don’t grow old.

George and Colin loving it up Get Leashed Mag

How would you describe the look and feel of your shop?

I am fortunate to live in a loft that has high ceilings and open space that is casual, functional and comfortable – all great for a relaxed, happy home.-2

A story about George:

There are so many stories – some happy, some sad, many that are crazy and funny and even a few that are deep and insightful. Free Days With George is a whole book about my relationship with my best friend and the many extraordinary features of his character and his sweet, gentle soul. My favorite story that sums up George can be found on page 162 – I hope you will enjoy the book.

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