Erin Moraghan

The Revkor co-founder and her 2 gorgeous rescue dogs

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style team

Erin Moraghan Revkor Get Leashed Mag

If you’re bored of your current workout or just find going to the gym has become a monotonous task, Revkor could be just the thing you’re looking for. We knew nothing about it when we showed up for our shoot (we were more interested in Erin the co-founder’s two rescue dogs) but we were blown away by everything about this new fitness phenomenon.

With movements inspired by yoga, functional fitness, and interval training, Revkor is an all-encompassing workout that gets you totally ripped while improving your energy, balance and of course, your happiness level. Just peruse their site for testimonials to see that this is one vibrant community of diverse individuals who have glommed onto something new, totally unique, and really fun!

But back to those rescue dogs. Lexi and Joe are two of the most playful, gentle mutts you could ever hope to meet. They have the perfect personality for a couple dogs that hangout in a fitness studio, eagerly greeting new and returning friends. The dogs are motivational tools and bring a level of comfort to everyone while they push their limits – especially new guests of the gym. Erin and the team wouldn’t have it any other way.

Read on as Erin tells you more about her journey to improve as many lives as possible through exercise and how much joy her dogs bring her and everyone at Revkor!

Group conversation
Please tell us about yourself:

My partner, Angela Rivard, and I own Revkor, a group-fitness company that we just franchised this summer. We each own studios as well – mine in Cambridge and hers in London. Our studio life fuels our passion and creative energy to keep building the umbrella company and grow the brand across the country and beyond! I’ve been teaching fitness and yoga for many years, and I’ve never taught students like ours. Our community is rich with strong and inspired people who blow us away with their spirit!

My studio is next to the Grand River, and I love zipping over to the trail that runs beside it between classes with the dogs. We’re lucky to be in a dog-friendly building with lots of other pups on the loose!

A bit about your pets:

I’m told Lexi is an American Dingo/Carolina Dog, which is essentially a native dog from the southern U.S. She’s a once-in-a-lifetime dog; I love her so much. I found her online about 7 years ago. She was saved by an amazing organization called All Breed Canine Rescue in London. Her big ears sold me from the get-go. She’s a sporty, agile, active dog and will hike with me for hours through any terrain. We’ve trekked through rivers and up mountains — she’s my ultimate sidekick. She has also come to work with us almost every day, and loves gym and studio life. My favorite thing about having her at the studio is that she calms people who are new. Sometimes people are intimidated to try a new workout and Lexi puts them at ease. She has also helped me lead all kinds of yoga and meditation workshops for kids.

Joe is a whole other bag of tricks. He was pulled out of a really bad situation in the Niagara area, and spent the first 4 years of his life on the end of a chain with about 30 other dogs. I saw him in the news and ultimately found him at the Kitchener Waterloo Humane Society. Joe had never been in a house and had little human contact. He was severely underweight, which earned him the nickname Joey Chopsticks and ultimately, J-Chops.  Lexi totally trained Joe. He was a gong show when he first came home, and now he’s a dream boy – all thanks to her.

Gorgeous face
What does your ideal weekend look like?

My weekends always start at my studio, surrounded by some of the coolest people I know. Our members blow me away! I’ll usually meet my husband Paul and his two kids at Galt Juice Company for a fresh pressed juice and chia pudding, or Monigram Coffee Roasters – the best coffee in town!  I try to hike every day with the dogs, and head to Dundas most weekends to trek the side-trails of the escarpment.

Describe your personal style:

Workout gear 24-7. I try to keep it fun with our own Revkor apparel and accessories.

What inspires you?

A few months ago my business partner and I headed to Grand Bend for a weekend of hardcore dreaming and brainstorming. I was asked what I thought a good entrepreneur was made from — I replied “balls and steam.” A business-builder needs the balls – the sheer guts – to believe they can make their dreams a reality. And you need the steam to try, fail, rise up and try again and again. The hashtag #ballsandsteam has become a hilarious thing for us, but it’s a mantra we live by every day!

Showing us how it's done
How would you describe the look and feel of your studio?

My studio is housed in the old Tiger Brand manufacturing building. It’s raw yet warm, and still has the energy of the game-changing company that helped build this little town way back when.

A story about Lexi & Joe:

Years ago I was on a patio in Guelph with Lexi. A man in a wheelchair came by and started talking to her, and something about her really touched him. First she put her head closer to his lap, then a paw, then two paws.  The man was moved to tears by her affection. To my surprise she climbed right up into his lap – something she would never do. She put her arms around his neck and they hung out like that together for a while and we all bawled. That’s my girl! All heart. Joey was so shattered when he came to me, and now he’s a sensitive soul like her. They always have some love to give, just when you need it most.

Visit Revkor for more information on classes near you!