Pia Wiesen

Spend a day in the country with this warm & wonderful cookbook author

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style team


Pia is a lover of all things good. She’s a woman with strong values and she happily shares them through her writing. But before she wrote, she cooked. When she was constantly asked for recipes and the stories behind her dishes, she decided to put them to paper for good and Pia: My Three Little Lands was born.

Those strong values we mentioned are spread throughout the pages: Family, friends, love and eating for the joy of it. And of course, one of her biggest loves also found scattered in beautiful images throughout the pages of her book and the one that brought us together: dogs!

Pia has had three Irish Wolfhounds throughout her life. That’s a lot of time spent with this gorgeous breed but as Pia suggests, they simply share the same attributes. They’re warm, have a sense of humor, can be both active and laid back, and enjoy a lot of space outdoors but can spend an afternoon tucked away comfortably inside.

If you’re looking for a cookbook full of wonderful home-style recipes and touching stories that food has brought to fruition, Pia’s book is for you. Read on as she tells you more about her life, her loves, and her dog.

Pia Wiesen Get Leashed mag 6

Please tell us about yourself:

I’m a cookbook author, blogger, mother, grandmother and wife.
My favorite part of my job is that I can work from home, so my dog is not alone for long hours at a time. I am flexible, can take her for a walk when the weather is nice or when we need to go. I also have time to ride my horses.

My everyday routine is: waking up, feeding the dog, feeding the horses, feeding the husband and myself. Turning the horses out and mucking the stalls, then going for a walk with Natty. Then working on my FB page, on a recipe and or on my blog. Going riding, taking Natty for another walk and then cooking dinner.

Pia Wiesen Irish Wolfhound

A bit about your pet:

Natty is 3 years old, rehomed from a breeder. I’ve always been attracted to this breed; she is my 3rd Irish Wolfhound. I also had an Afghan and a deerhound and a greyhound. I love sighthounds. She is very laid back and has a sense of humor…like me. They also like to be active, but enjoy a quiet afternoon in front of the fireplace.

What does your ideal weekend look like:

Every Saturday morning my husband and I go to the Mono Cliffs Park with Natty. We then have lunch at Pia’s on Broadway, my former restaurant. I usually ride my horse in the afternoon and then either have friends over for dinner, or go to a restaurant. Sunday is pretty much a day of rest..and hobbies. We have brunch at the Hockley Valley General Store down the road from us, my husband does his motorcycle trials or we drive around in his restored Austin Healey, if the weather permits. And I go and ride again and walk Natty. The evening is usually at home with a nice dinner cooked by yours truly or pizza at Mr. Gigis in Beeton or at Mrs. Mitchell’s in Violet.

Describe your personal style:

Comfortable, relaxed, classic.

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What inspires you?

Nature: I find peace and ideas there.

Immanuel Kant: don’t do to others what you do not want others to do to you. Be happy and grateful

How would you describe the look and feel of your home?

It’s a mix of old and new; warm, cozy , welcoming.

A story about Natty:

Well I have not had her for too long yet — only 7 months now. There are not many stories yet, but she attached herself to me like velcro, never leaves my side and hates the leash. She never goes anywhere far…I hate leashes too.

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