9 Reasons Having a Dog Gets You More Dates than Tinder

It’s a fact: Dog people do better in the dating pool

By Jon Nelson


In a world with dating apps and websites galore, it’s easier than ever to find a date. And yet, so many people struggle to get out there and meet someone special. But that’s not the case for dog people! Here are 9 reasons why:

1. You’re a good person

We all know that dog owners are generally better people but this takes on more importance when you decide to ask someone on a date. With a dog by your side, you’re automatically judged as a good human being that’s probably not crazy.

2. You have better profile pictures

With a dog, you’re free to be less attractive. If you’re a 5, just take a picture with your dog. You’re suddenly a 7 in your profile pic!

3. People will use you to get to your dog – and that’s okay

You might not be the most dateable person in the pool but if you’re seen with a really cute dog, you might just find yourself with a full dating card. Just be prepared when everyone who asks you out wants to meet at the park and thinks your dog should join.

4. You’re somewhat responsible9 reasons having a dog gets you more dates than tinder - Get Leashed Mag

With a dog in your life, people know you have your s*** together, at least a little bit. You may not be ready to walk down the aisle, but you’re not living in filth in your parent’s basement, either.

5. You already have a great date idea

The person you’re trying to date is over being asked out for a drink. When you meet someone with a dog, you know that the best and easiest thing you can do is meet for a walk.

6. Kids aren’t out of the question

Potential dates know you can care for a life and have at least a couple nurturing bones in your body. You might never want to have kids, but you don’t need to tell anybody that fact just yet.

7. You know how to love

By owning a dog, you’ve proven that your heart’s not black and cold. You’ve let a dog into your life, which means you have some sense of emotional well-being and can give at least a bit of love.

8. You won’t be boring

At the very least, when pressed for conversation, you’ll have one interesting subject to talk about with passion: your dog!

9. You can be affectionate

We’ve said it before: Dog people are definitely affectionate. All that time spent cuddling your pooch doesn’t go to waste once you do it with a person. Just don’t forget about your dog once you start getting some. He still needs to be cuddled too.