George Clooney Adds Older Dogs to His Famous Fam

The silver fox gives dogs in their twilight a safe home

By Nicole Simone


George Clooney is no stranger to the world of dog adoption. And over the years he has been slowly growing his pack–but surprisingly, not with cute and cuddly puppies. Rather, the distinguished silver fox has been happily adding older dogs a bit past their prime to his posse.

george-clooney-dog-2--aIn 2010 Clooney adopted Einstein, a 5 year-old, obese Cocker Spaniel who was just mere hours away from being put down at a crowded Californian shelter. Since then, Einstein has traveled the world with Clooney and has developed a love for Italian food.

Not long after adopting Einstein, Clooney welcomed a blonde rescued Cocker Spaniel named Louie into his home — also an older dog. Clooney was quoted as saying that when it comes to dogs, “age truly doesn’t matter.”

This past month, the newly married Clooney, 54, and his wife Amal, 37, adopted a very special Bassett Hound from San Gabriel Valley Humane Society in California. The pair were looking for a Bassett Hound and used popular adoption site to look for the right dog. Millie was found begging for scraps outside a restaurant and a local shelter took her in.

The shelter reported that Millie needed to get along with Louie before the adoption could be finalized. Once the dogs demonstrated they were happy to be in each other’s company, Millie went home with the Clooneys.

With so many older pets struggling to find forever homes, we salute George and Amal for opening their hearts–and their home–to dogs in need.