Tara & Carlos

A happy home with 2 awesome pugs

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style team

Tara Hunt-Carlos- Get Leashed Mag

Tara and Carlos both work in digital marketing, which means they spend a lot of time in front of screens. Dog-lovers know that one of the best thing about dogs is, they don’t have any screens. In fact, they’re screen detractors. Dogs force us to look at them and when they’re not satisfied with belly rubs and tug of war, they make us stretch our legs outdoors.

With two pugs named Lizzie and Ridley, Tar and Carlos have a pretty cute setup. You already probably know Ridley, even if you’ve never met him in person. Because these two are up on digital media and their social game is so strong, Ridley was on Vine with a huge hit before the medium even really took off.

We’ll leave it to these two to give you a bit more insight into their lives with a couple super pugs…

Please tell us about yourselves:

Tara: I’m an author, speaker, digital marketing consultant, and more recently, a YouTuber. I don’t really have an everyday routine right now; the only consistent thing is that I’m heavily reliant on technology. I’m either in front of my iMac, my laptop, or on my mobile screen all day long, so I try to not be in front of screens when I’m not working.

Carlos: I’m a digital strategist. I currently work at Temple Street Productions which is the television production company behind Orphan Black and X Company. My job is very much focused on digital audience growth for all our brands. A lot of it is focused on YouTube, which is where I specialize, but I also touch on all aspects of digital content, marketing and brand building.

Tara Hunt and Carlos -  Get Leashed Mag

A bit about your pet:

Tara: Ridley is a 12 year-old pug who I’ve had for 7 years – he was “adopted” by Carlos 4.5 years ago when we started dating. I originally adopted Ridley through a pug rescue society near San Francisco (Pug Pros) after I fell in love with a friend’s pug named Elvis. I had been pet-free for 5 years and hadn’t even thought of getting another one since I was traveling so much. But after hanging out with Elvis for a few days, I knew I NEEDED a pug. I just love the pug temperament: chill, cuddly, curious, and sort of ridiculous. That head tilt when you talk to them just kills me. They have so much personality.

Pugs are perfect dogs for busy, urban consultant types. They sleep, like, 99% of the time. They don’t need constant attention or walks. When you are having a bad day, they’ll just cuddle up to you, snoring away all of your woes.

Carlos: We think Lizzie is 6 years old. The reason we don’t know is because she’s a puppy mill rescue and that information wasn’t available when we adopted her. After becoming Ridley’s step dad and totally falling in love with all pugs, I asked Tara if she’d be into adopting another one. We firmly believe in supporting rescue shelters, so one cold night in February we drove over an hour in a snowstorm to St. Mary’s, Ontario, to pick up Lizzie at Kizmutt Rescue. Lizzie was a breeding dog all her life and she has PTSD from the treatment she endured in Amish puppy mills. Even with all that trauma she quickly bonded with Ridley and us and she’s been a loving sister and companion to Ridley ever since. She’s a lot more energetic and high strung, which has helped Ridley stay on his toes. Lizzie loves nothing more than cuddling with us or Ridley all day long.

Tara Hunt and Lizzie the Pug -  Get Leashed Mag

What does your ideal weekend look like?

Tara: We have a ritual of doing brunch EVERY Saturday morning and we try out a different independent place every week. We’re on #82 and still have lots of options ahead. Ideally, the rest of the weekend would include something active, like a long bike ride down the Lakeshore paths or taking the dogs to Trinity Bellwoods or the beach, but it could also include a series of very long naps with the dogs while catching up on my reading.

Carlos: I would say brunch is our weekend ritual that I look forward to the most, but I could also live without Toronto’s ‘peak brunch’ crowd. Weekends for me are low key; I like to stay in, catch up on my reading, Netflix and play a few video games. I also do digital content strategy consulting on the side, so I use the weekend to catch up on emails.

Describe your personal style:

Tara: A tailored twist on modern eclectic.

Carlos: Sporty casual.

What inspires you?

Tara: Selfless people who use their talents for making the world a better place.

Carlos: Tara inspires me.

Ridley the Pug -  Get Leashed Mag

How would you describe the look and feel of your home?

Tara: Whimsical mid-century modern or Happy Homey.

Carlos: Constantly striving for being uncluttered

A story about Ridley & Lizzie:

Tara: As Carlos mentioned, when we first got Lizzie, she was a scared mess. She would hardly let us come near her, let alone touch or cuddle her. We were concerned that she wouldn’t recover from whatever it was they did to her at the puppy mill. But about one week into living with us, she jumped up on the sofa where I was sitting with Ridley and rolled over on her back with her belly completely exposed. She wanted a belly rub. She still has some PTSD when it comes to new people, but she is the most loving, trusting dog in the universe with us now. If we’re not giving her a belly rub fast enough, she’ll let us know.

Carlos: Ridley is social media famous — not by working at it, but mostly by being an early adopter. He’s @Ridley on Twitter because he was on it before it had vowels but hasn’t really done a good job of maintaining it. He’s also the ‘pug in the club’ on Vine because he was smart enough to post to it early. Ridley has always been humble about his online fame and hasn’t abused it. That sums up Ridley; humble and loving.