Life of Vi – Grey Days

Vi makes the most of these dull, early winter days

By Rachel Simpson

Life of Vi - Grey Days

This time of year doesn’t have a whole lot going for it. The weather, even when warmer than usual, is damp and chilly; while colder temperatures rarely bring any redeeming snowfall. Sandwiched between October’s Thanksgiving (Vi is a Canuck, after all) and December’s Christmas, November through mid December is woefully short of long weekends, family gatherings and feasts. Really, there is nothing distinguishing about it other than its lack of distinction. The doldrums of this time of year affect our little Violet as well. What follows then, is how we get through it.

LifeOfVi-Feeling Squirrelly

Feeling Squirrelly

By January, the squirrels have tucked in for their extended nap, thereby robbing Violet of her primary quarry. Their preparation for sleeping away the winter however, ramps up in this time period, as an army of squirrels descend from the trees to forage. They are fat and preoccupied, making them vulnerable to our little apex predator. Not that Violet ever catches them, but in the last days before the snow and the cold set in, she does the opposite of any squirrel: burn tons of calories (in hot pursuit).

LifeOfVi-First in Show

Best In Show

Violet isn’t the only member of the household with the early winter doldrums. Curing them means playing dress up with some regularity. Dog clothes have no place in these games however, because really, where’s the fun in that? Nope, it’s jewelry, Rainbow Loom, even flowers. Is that weird? Maybe just a little. But hey, being cooped up will make you do weird things.

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