A STAR WARS Holiday Gift Guide for Pet Lovers

Celebrate the release of Episode VII with this great gear for pets and pet owners


By Jon Nelson

Star Wars Gifts - Get Leashed Magazine


Next week, after years of anticipation, Star Wars Episode VII will finally be released to the utter joy of millions of nerdy fans across the globe. We use the term nerdy in its most endearing fashion, of course, because we’re in that group as well. How could you not be? It’s Star Wars, the most beloved film franchise of all time!

Collectibles have been in circulation since Episode IV graced us in 1977, but back then it was a small world of toys, books, and maybe a lunch box or two. Today, we’re lucky enough to have Star Wars everything – and that includes awesome products for pets and their owners!

We’ve scoured the galaxy for the best gifts to give Star Wars fans with pets this holiday season. Each item is either for a pet or for the owner to make their dog walks a little more comfortable this winter and of course, a little more awesome.

Click on each image below for more details and direct links to purchase! May the force be with you.