Toronto Blogger gives us an inside tour of Canada’s most popular Christmas market

By Nicole Simone

Distillery Market Xmas - Get Leashed Mag

Soheila is a fashion designer by trade and a passionate life and style blogger. She and her French Bulldog, Sophie, live in the Distillery District in Toronto, and this year they invited us to take a tour with them of the world-famous Distillery Christmas Market.

What is special about celebrating your first holidays together with Sophie?

I always thought the holidays were about family and reflection. Before there can be a new year, there must always be an end to the old one, and the holidays allow you to give thanks and show your appreciation for what you have in your life. I first brought Sophie home in February and as I watched her grow in size, we developed a shared language. We learned a lot about each other and will continue to do so for a while longer I’m sure. This will be her first Christmas, so I am excited to see her reaction to all the activities, changes in the weather and being around larger groups of people.


Are there any traditions you would like to start with Sophie during the holidays?

Well, December happens to be her birthday month, so this year I threw her a Christmas-themed birthday party! It was so much fun and even people who don’t have dogs came. It wasn’t necessarily about gifts or dogs, it was about being together and I think that’s what Sophie enjoyed the most – that and all the attention.

How would you describe Sophie’s winter fashion style?

She is super into knits. She loves her new, cream knit sweater and really displays confidence when she wears it. She loves showing it off to other dogs and people and how it keeps her warm from the cold.

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How is your personal style reflected in Sophie’s winter fashion style?

As a fashion designer by trade and a blogger, I’m always keeping up on fashion trends. Sophie is like my baby, so I’m always dressing her up so we can kind of match.

What do you love about the Christmas market?

Probably the tree (it’s so pretty and big this year) and the food. The sugar donuts are amazing and so is the tomato soup.

What’s it like owning a dog in the Distillery?

It’s really nice actually. I like how it’s super pedestrian friendly. The security guards know Sophie and always say “hi.” We go to Balzac’s Coffee in the summer and Sophie and I sit outside; me drinking coffee while she plays with the birds. It’s very small and a lot of people have pets so you get to know each other quickly and it becomes quite a little community.


Do you have any special plans during the holidays for Sophie?

I’m planning on bringing Sophie to a lot of family and friend functions. Everyone loves her and gives her lots of attention. I can’t wait for it to snow and to see her reaction. Will she like it? Will she try and eat it? Will she want to jump around in it or want to go back inside? I’m still learning about her and there are still a lot of “firsts” to be had.

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