How to Ensure Your Dog is Getting the 5 Star Dog Walking Treatment

Expert advice from Andy Wood: Founder & Director, Forest Hill Dog Walkers & Pet Services Ltd.

By Jon Nelson

Forest Hill Dog Walkers - Get Leaashed Mag

Andy Wood is the Director of Forest Hill Dog Walkers & Pet Services Ltd., a full-service, dog-care company based out of Forest Hill, Toronto. Wood’s client base stretches from the posh Forest Hill neighborhood to the elegant floors of the Four Seasons residences in Yorkville. His patrons are hard-working, sophisticated, and savvy in the business world and thus expect nothing but the best for themselves and their pets. To win their trust and accolades, Wood has developed a top tier program for his clients, hiring only the most dedicated and dutiful staff and providing an unmatched level of service.

We wanted to pick Andy Wood’s brain on what makes his services so valued by the city’s elite and what enables him to build the strong relationships that are the cornerstones of Forest Hill Dog Walkers. Below is a checklist of what a 5 star dog walking service offers.


Full Service

5 star treatment goes way beyond walks. If needed, Forest Hill Dog Walkers will take a dog to a groomer or vet appointment, deliver food, or take care of anything else pet-related.

Available 24/7

One of our favorite stories involves Wood picking up the phone in the middle of the night and paying a house call to deal with an unfortunate case of a skunked dog. Where do you go in the middle of the night to purchase the products you need to deal with that problem? Wood’s clients knew who to call.


Trusted and Reliable

Most people would think, “of course I trust my dog walker, they have the keys to my house.” But a true 5 star service takes trust and reliability to a whole new level. Forest Hill Dog Walkers will and do drive across town to let locked-out clients into their homes with their spare set of keys. It seems like a simple task, but it’s the fact that Wood’s clients feel comfortable enough to ask him without hesitation that adds that extra bit of luxury.

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