Life of Vi – Merry & Bright

Christmas Violet’s way

By Rachel Simpson


Don’t be fooled by the mild days; Christmas is right around the corner. If you’ve waited until now to get your shopping done—we hope you like congested malls and the daunting challenge of finding your special someone the perfect something on shelves picked clean! And we hope you like line ups! (Don’t like line ups? Well, there’s always rush shipping and its attendant fees and anxieties!). If you’re feeling a bit of that holiday stress, what you need to get through the pre-Christmas crush is a little Christmas spirit. So let Violet leave you feeling a little more merry and bright.


’tis the Season:

Okay, the easiest way to get into the Christmas spirit is to throw on a Christmas movie and put up a few decorations. While you’re digging all those stockings and wreaths, all that tinsel and bunting out of the deep recesses of your storage closets, maybe throw on a gaudy Christmas sweater while you’re at it. Look the part! Violet enjoys a Christmas sweater as much as anyone and she’s already wearing a fur coat. And if Vi can do it, you can too.


Deck the Halls:

Even the grinchiest of us is warmed a little by the fleeting presence of a tree in our home. Violet got her first Christmas tree this year, and thankfully, has yet to topple, bark at, or run from it. Anything could happen once there are presents for her tucked underneath it, mind you, but for now, the tree is just another place for Vi to get her picture taken. That means getting treats, and with Violet, ’tis always the season for treats.

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