Lyndsay Borschke

Get to know the owner of Tuck Shop Trading Co. & City of Neighbourhoods Designer

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style team

Lindsay Borschke - Tuck Shop Co. - Get Leased Mag

With just two days to go until Christmas, hopefully you’ve completed most of your holiday shopping and are able to take some time to relax with the people (and pets!) you care about the most. If you’re a savvy shopper, you’ve likely found that the best gifts come from local brands and retailers and that visiting their shops is a pleasure to the senses, unlike the heinous experience of shopping in a mall. Enter Tuck Shop Trading Co. Outpost, a boutique store on Yonge Street in the Summerhill neighborhood in Toronto, where beautifully-styled knits and other gifts live in a gorgeously-designed space.

Lyndsay Borschke, founder and creative director, has crafted a wonderful brand. Her City of Neighbourhood toques literally exploded across the city as hip people rushed to support their nook of Toronto. Crafted with the great white north in mind, the toques (a Canadian knitted winter hat, for our American friends) are the epitome of cozy winter style and look great on pretty much anybody (or any dog) that tries one on.

Rosie, Lyndsay’s rescue Husky/Lab mix is the perfect dog for the store. She looks like she was born to lie by crackling fires in smoky wood cabins — and since Tuck Shop Co. Outpost takes its cue from the design found in such cabins, it’s no wonder Rosie seems so at home.

We’ll leave it to Lyndsay to give you a bit more insight into Rosie and Tuck Shop Trading Co.

Lyndsay & Rosie - Tuck Shop Co. - Get Leashed Mag

Please tell us about yourself:

As the Founder/Creative Director at Tuck Shop Trading Co. no two days are ever the same. It’s always a hustle! I work most days from our shop in Summerhill —  we have a studio/office at the back of the shop where I can design new collections, work on private label work for other brands/corporations, and take wholesale orders. Since the space is a retail shop as well, there’s lots of customer interaction, which is a nice break from desk work.

A bit about your pet:

Roosevelt AKA Rosie, AKA The Fuzz or Fuzzy is a Husky/Lab mix. She probably has a little Border Collie or Australian Shepherd in her as well – she’s definitely a herder! She’s super chill and loving but also a little neurotic; we call her our little Woody Allen dog. Rosie was part of a large litter of puppies that were rescued from Ohio. Our friend was rescuing the mother and posted pictures to Facebook of the litter…when we saw the picture we knew we had to adopt one. That was 7 years ago. Now Fuzzy and I spend every day together. She comes on factory visits with me and helps in the warehouse too. She’s also a regular on set at photo shoots.


What does your ideal weekend look like?

We added a baby to our family last year, so our weekends are generally spent in the neighborhood walking around the parks and ravines or grabbing coffee from Boxcar Social or lunch at our second kitchen, Terroni on Price St.

Describe your personal style:

A touch of whimsy, an injection of modernity, and a nod to our Canadian heritage.

What inspires you?

Both our city home and summer cottage in Algonquin inspire the designs of Tuck Shop Trading Co.

Rosie @ Tuck Shop Co. Get Leashed Mag

How would you describe the look and feel of your shop?

We share our space with Love the Design, so we lucked into stylish roommates. Our shop is part Canadiana, part whimsy and a whole lot of character. We’ve incorporated found objects with Christine Flynn artwork and bits and pieces of memorabilia from our family’s history in Algonquin Park.

Please share a story about your pet:

Fuzzy is a loyal companion. She’s been coming to work with me since she was a pup. She used to sleep on my lap when she was a puppy. It feels like she’s my shadow, which is so endearing. When our daughter was born she just followed me around from place to place and sat at my feet. She wasn’t interested in the baby at that point but didn’t want to let me out of her sight. It’s been a year and Rosie and Poppy (our daughter) are slowly becoming pals. I believe that Rosie thinks she’s a human — she demands to sleep on the bed and to be fed like a human too. We are only too happy to oblige – she’s the best.