Social Pets – The 12 Pets of Christmas

The Internet’s most famous pets are ready for the holiday!

By Patrick Cullen

Xmas pets - Get Leashed Magazine

It’s that time of year again. You’ve only just been able to go back to your usual belt loop after gorging at Thanksgiving dinner and now you have to brace yourself for the nonstop barrage of Christmas music and the impending ding to your bank account that always accompanies the holiday season. On top of all that, you have your annual visit with your extended to look forward to. Every year you pump yourself up and go in with a snow-white smile and every year your enthusiasm fades like an icicle in the sun when your whiskery aunt slaps a bright red kiss on your cheek and jumps immediately into questions about the family you’d better be having soon.

We all love our families, but sometimes there’s not enough eggnog in the world to stay cheery through your uncle’s Jägermeister-inspired rant about your generation. If you need a quick escape or cheerful pick-me-up after an awkward family encounter, why not take to Instagram and check out the wonderfully festive lineup of dogs wearing Christmas outfits — and draw a few funny parallels to your own family members while you’re at it. For instance, Doug the Pug and Toast are the baby cousins that get stuffed into Santa outfits for the endless amusement of your other relatives. Ginny, the Jack Russell, is your ever-suffering dad who is engaged in a never-ending fight to make the house light up and, secretly, to be the envy of the neighbors. Tonkey is the sad toddler that gets psyched out with pretend coal until someone tells him that it’s actually a tasty spoof from Bocce’s Bakery. Finally, Marnie is the one everyone will be pointing to when the freshly baked cookies are gone hours later. And all of these dogs are obviously adorable.

These days, Christmas is not Christmas unless we share it with our favorite social pets. There’s no substitute for family or the quality (ahem) time that you spend with them, but hopefully, when you’ve run out of chit-chat to have with your Great Aunt Sue, a quick glimpse of these cute pups will have you feeling merry all over again.