Ashleigh & Cam

Get to know the Executive Assistant & Contractor with one special Christmas pup!

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style team

Ashleigh & Cam - Get Leashed Mag

We love Christmas photoshoots. Homes are festive, lights aglow, with pretty things adorning every corner. Ashleigh and Cam’s place was no exception. The tree was up, presents were stacked under it, and even Chelsea the dog was playing reindeer for the day. We couldn’t have asked for a more holiday-friendly little fam to feature.

Ashleigh and Cam have a high-octane breed of dog, so needless to say, they’re outside a lot. They’ve found a home in a complex that’s perfectly situated for their lifestyle – close to nature but a pretty quick drive into the city. When they’re not running around outdoors to burn off some of Chelsea’s energy, they seem like a pretty chilled out couple into chilled out things. The perfect kind of dog people, if we do say so ourselves.

We’ll leave it to Ashleigh to tell you a bit more about how these two fit a dog into their busy lifestyle…


Tell us about yourselves:

Ashleigh: I’m the Executive Assistant to Charles Khabouth, CEO of INK Entertainment. I’m Charles’ personal assistant and I help him run INK’s empire of venues. I worked in the fashion industry for five years prior. I love fashion and food, and now it’s a great fit because of INK’s unique and innovative approach of fusing fashion, dining, lifestyle, entertainment and design. I love my job!

Cam is a General Contractor – Self Employed – Our Handy Man! His schedule varies but he always has time for soccer and baseball with his friends.

A bit about your pet:

Meet Chelsea aka Chelly! Chelsea is a German Wirehaired Pointer with a bit of attitude and a lot of charm. She will be two in March. Chelsea is named after the English Football Club – Cam’s favourite team. It was either our first born or our first fur baby who would draw the name. Chelsea was a surprise from Cam when we moved in together. Chelsea keeps us busy as her breed is one of the most active out there. Chelsea is Ashleigh’s running partner and helped her train for her first half marathon. She suits our active lifestyle and gets us out of the house every weekend. She loves to come for car rides – as long as she is with us she is happy.


Describe your ideal weekend:

Our ideal weekend would be spent at the cottage! Chelsea can get her hunt on and swim for hours on end in the lake. If we can’t get to the cottage, the lake near us will do! She loves to chase the ducks and fetch her ball. Humber Bay is so close to us and one of Chelsea’s favorite parks. Most weekends consist of dog park visits, delicious coffee runs, errands and end off with making dinner and enjoying a nice bottle of wine by the fire – Do we sound old?  Chelsea also loves to sit by the fire on cold winter nights. Did I mention dog parks and running?

Describe your personal style:

Our style is casual and simple yet classic. We are very laid back and tend to go with the flow.

What inspires you?

We’re inspired by the simple things in life. It is the simple things that make us happy and content. We are family-oriented and love having friends around. We are a family of three who love the city life!


Describe the look and feel of your home:

Our home is warm, welcoming and very open! Our two-storey loft is open concept, so there is space for everyone.

A story about Chelsea:

Chelsea has more Instagram followers then both of us combined! We were approached at the Windermere dog park once because they recognized Chelsea from her Instagram page. Chelsea is pretty popular in the dog community – her dog walker takes her three times a week around the city parks. Her boyfriend’s name is Stewie, he is a Mastiff/Cane Corso mix. He has let her chew his lips since she was a puppy.