Kelly Kimel

Get to know the owner of Yorkville’s MoRoCo Chocolat & Tallulah the Labradoodle

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style team

Kelly Kimel - MoRoCo Chocolat - Get Leashed Mag

MoRoCo Chocolat is a revolutionary chocolate experience located in Toronto’s Yorkville neighborhood. You can drop into their retail boutique to choose from dozens of elegant chocolate creations, but posh and savvy regulars know to also visit the unique lounge for its full menu of exquisite lunch and dinner options.

Dogs are important to Kelly Kimel, MoRoCo’s proprietor/heart and soul. The MoRoCo space includes a wonderful patio in the summer where Kelly ensures guests feel comfortable bringing their dogs. Kelly’s Labradoodle, Tallulah, is a new addition to her life, but in just a few months she’s already merged seamlessly into life at MoRoCo by being the perfect combination of chilled out, a little bit glamorous and just the right amount of fancy.

Kelly tells you more about the MoRoCo experience and life with Tallulah below.

Be sure to check out the online shop and if you find yourself in Yorkville, make your day special by stopping in!


Please tell us about yourself:

I own MoRoCo Chocolat in Yorkville. It is a luxury chocolate boutique and French bistro-inspired restaurant and lounge. Every day I go to MoRoCo from early in the morning until close. My day consists of dealing with administration, brainstorming menu ideas with kitchen staff, event planning with our event coordinator, meeting customers and sampling the wonderful creations of the pastry and dining room chefs.

A bit about your pet:

Tallulah is the newest member to my family. She is a lively 8 month-old Labradoodle. I had been trying to find a rescue that would be the right match for our family for a few years and finally a friend mentioned a good breeder so I went and met them. I fell in love instantly. Tallulah has such a sweet face and wonderful energy — she is everyone’s best friend.


What does your ideal weekend look like?

For me the ideal weekend means getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city and driving to my cottage. I love the peaceful outdoors, hiking, kayaking, swimming — all of which Tallulah loves to do with the family!

Describe your personal style:

I would describe my style as classic with a touch of rock ‘n’ roll!

What inspires you?

My inspiration comes from my children. I want to always be a positive and strong role model for them to follow. Creating my business as a single mother, I had many challenges that I had to face — but I always tried to find a good balance and be the best I could be, both at home and at work. I want my children to do as I did and follow their true passion knowing that I will always be there to support them.


How would you describe the look and feel of your shop?

I designed MoRoCo with the look and feel of some of my favorite places around the world.  MoRoCo is a juxtaposition; new world meets old world, plush and elegant meets rock ‘n’ roll.

A story about Tallulah:

Tallulah is playful, a hunter and loves to take care of the family. She loves to bring me presents from the park, or the woods or from the sewer – one summer evening she brought a dead rat! I screamed so loud a neighbor called the police to report a domestic incident. The police arrived and thought it was very funny…I lost my voice for an entire week from screaming!