7 Reasons Dogs Love Celebrating the New Year

Dogs get festive and ready to party on New Year’s Eve

By Jon Nelson

Dogs Celebrate NYE - Get Leashed Mag

Did you know that dogs love to party for New Year’s Eve? It’s true, they do! But you probably don’t know why, so Get Leashed has put together a list to enlighten you. Happy New Year, friends!

1. The big ball drop

Anything revolving around a big ball is pretty much a dog’s favorite evening. The dog loves the fact that finally, humans care as much about a ball as he does.

2. Staying up late

You may not know it, but dogs get a kick out of staying up late with party people. If there was ever a time that dogs were going to be allowed into the bed, it’s New Years Day when nobody seems to have the energy to kick him out.


3. Party treats

Dogs know that party guest bring treats. Between what’s given in friendship, dropped from cocktail plates or left at reachable heights, dogs know that New Year’s Eve means treat time.

4. Forget your troubles

Household got a new kitten? This year it will become a calmer, less annoying full-grown cat. Plus, this time of year seems to have humans sticking around the house more which makes the dog a lot happier.

5. Getting all gussied up

Dogs know that the more attention they get, the more treats they might receive. Therefore, they’re all for bowties and tiaras or anything else sparkly they might get adorned with.

6. People with worse breath than dogs

For some reason, people on New Years Eve have worse breath than dogs. Dogs aren’t sure what’s in all those glasses and cups that makes the humans so friendly but so stinky, but they’re glad about not having the worst breath at the party.

7. All the kisses

People seem to love to give each other kisses on New Years Eve and the best thing is that everyone kisses the dog.