Kelly & Skot

Art, design, creation & four Sphynx cats

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style team

Kelly & Skot - Get Leashed Mag

Skot and Kelly are people you want to be friends with. It’s easy to tell that these have a lot of fun together and if you’re in need of a unique piece of metal furniture or an artfully, passionately designed tattoo, you’ll know who to ask.

With four Sphynx cats and a few other interesting pets (we won’t spoil it for you), Skot and Kelly’s home is a pretty cool place to hang out. If you’ve never met Sphynx cats, you’re in for a treat when you do. They’re affectionate and playful, but a great deal more fun to look at than traditional cats.

We’ll leave it to these two cool cats with cats to fill you in on their lives and loves…


Please tell us about yourselves:

Kelly: I’ve been tattooing (Machine Gun Mollys) for about 13 years; it’s an incredibly challenging and rewarding career. It tends to be a long process of preparation, drawing until the wee hours of the morning and making adjustments to accommodate my clients’ requests. I like to try to always push myself into more intimidating territory. My favorite subject matter has always been animal and human portraits and that’s where I’ve tried to focus and specialize my craft. I consider it a huge honor that I’m trusted by my clientele. I can’t think of anything else I’d rather do.

Both: the day starts with some strong Kicking Horse coffee, the elixir of life.

Skot: I started Desiron in 1994 and have been designing and creating metal furniture and art ever since. After caffeinating, it’s off to local suppliers and fabricators procuring everything I’ll need to start my shift at the shop. I tend to lock myself in there from around 5pm till 2am.


A bit about your pets:

I currently have four female Sphynx cats: Madeline (10 years old), Izabelle (9), Roxanne (8)  and Ziggy (7). I was always fascinated by Sphynx cats — their unique and expressive appearance, and lack of hair is definitely a bonus. They’re extremely affectionate, inquisitive, fearless, sociable, and wonderfully silly. Maddy was the first and the addiction grew…you can’t have just one Sphynx. Also we have an elderly, hairless, one-eyed rat named Ruby, a 2 foot- long tiger shovel-nosed catfish referred to only as “The Beast,” an American toad named Tiny Terry, and a Peruvian red flame tarantula named Matilda. We love animals and I’m sure the zoo will increase over time. I have a hard time turning down a rescue and our eventual goal of having a hobby farm will allow for many more creatures one day.

Describe your ideal weekend:

Since I live in Toronto and Skot lives in Thornbury, we spend our weekends together. They mainly consist of grocery shopping in Kensington or the St. Lawrence Market, cooking wonderful dinners and watching crime documentaries. Our time together is limited so we try to make the most out of it. Good food and hanging out with the critters curled up watching Forensic Files is a perfect day.


Describe your personal style:

Style? Hahaha! I can’t even put that into words. Eclectic?

What inspires you?

Kelly: I’m inspired by nature, art — everything around me, really.

Skot: I draw inspiration from the huge void out there for one-of-a-kind, high quality, custom furniture. I strive to make the process as pleasurable and painless as possible. I work closely with clients in their homes or businesses to brainstorm together and accommodate their space and needs, and I have an arsenal of talented artisans for wood components or anything else needed to bring our vision to light. I obsess over every weld and detail; the end result is something awesome and unique that will undoubtedly last lifetimes. It’s much easier than people may think to have their own custom-made furniture.


Describe the look and feel of your home:

I think my home is a series of shrines, altars, a peaceful place where I’m surrounded by beautiful and strange things that always inspire creativity. Skot’s pieces in here make it even more inspiring and make it feel like “our” space. It’s taken many years, lots of hunting, collecting wonderful gifts from friends and I think the end result is living inside a cabinet of curiosities.

Please share a story about your pets.

I don’t really have one specific story about the relationship with the girls, they’re just a constantly happy part of our lives. They all have such unique personalities and they really are the bosses around here. They entertain, know when you need cheering up, and keep the bed really toasty on a cold night.