Jon Nelson

Our Managing Editor & Bill Murray the Dog show off their favorite spots in Toronto

By the Get Leashed Doggy style team

Jon Nelson - Get Leashed Mag

As a longtime Toronto resident, Jon Nelson likes to think he’s got a good grasp on what makes the city great. As our Managing Editor, he’s always on the lookout for unique individuals and their pets. If you’re a fashionable pet-owner who frequents Trinity Bellwoods, Queen West, the Annex, Kensington Market or the Distillery District, chances are you’ve been handed a Get Leashed business card with Jon’s name on it and have maybe even been featured in our Doggy Style section.

With a busy work and social life, Jon’s wish to have a dog hasn’t fully come into fruition just yet. But that’s okay; in the meantime, he gets to play doggy babysitter (and occasional foster parent) to some of his friends’ fabulous mutts. One dog in particular, Bill Murray, spends a good deal of time with Jon and his girlfriend and they’ve built quite the bond.

Jon Nelson & Bill Murray - Get Leashed Mag

Bill Murray was rescued by a Quebec shelter, moved to the Toronto Humane Society and adopted by Jon’s best friends a few years back. Once you meet him, it’s hard to deny that Bill Murray is a special dog. He’s bright but learns selectively, has little to no interest in other dogs, and really only cares about food and toys. At an estimated five years old, he’s a child that refuses to grow up and will carry his care-free attitude, most likely, into his golden years. He cuddles but he’s not overly affectionate, is protective and excitable, and might have the most endearing, albeit frustrating personality of any dog Jon’s ever met – which since starting at Get Leashed is a lot. Bill Murray’s favorite activity, aside from eating meals and scrounging for extra food between them, is jumping superman style into bodies of water – temperature being of no concern.

For our Get to Know Our Team feature, Jon will take you through three hot spots for Toronto dog owners as imagined through Bill Murray’s unique doggy perspective.

The Dog Store – The Dog Bowl

Bill Murry says: The Dog Bowl is just north of Trinity Bellwoods Park. Its owner is a nice guy named Jason who gives me cookies when I roll in. He also has a cool dog who is super friendly and hangs out in the shop, though I usually ignore him because like Jon said, I’m weird about making friends. Jason’s products are mostly locally-made and eco-friendly, which I think is a great way to support local businesses. Jason is super knowledgeable and will tell Jon exactly what a dog like me needs to be happy.
984 Dundas Street West

The Park – Trinity Bellwoods

Bill Murray says: I love Bellwoods because it’s a green oasis right in the heart of Toronto. I especially like walking there because Queen West is full of cool-looking people that give me attention, plus cafes and coffee shops that put out water and sometimes even bowls of cookies for me to eat (which I do, with abandon). The park has a big off-leash area that’s a bit sunken (appropriately named the Dog Bowl), which makes it safer as the hills act like a border for me. My favorite thing to do while I’m there is to steal other dog’s balls and hoard them. In the summer, the park is full of people picnicking, so when we leave the dog bowl, I do my best to eat their hummus on my way out. It’s a great park in which to meet friends and spend a full day in the sun without having to leave the city!
790 Queen Street West

The People Store – North Standard Trading Post

Bill Murray says: North Standard Trading Post is Jon’s favorite store in the city because, like me, he’s outdoorsy. Jon’s favorite style, which this store caters to (and maybe even helps create) is something along the lines of urban camp-wear. Brands include Pendfield, Carhart, Fjall Raven and Red Wing to name a few – all stuff that stands up to tough conditions but that totally looks good in the city too. I don’t have much style, because I’m a dog, but if I did, I would shop here, because they do have a small selection of dog products like classy camp sweaters and chic dog beds. Pam and Frank have done a great job with this store and since they’re dog people, they love having dogs visit!
1662 Queen Street West