Throw Me a Bone – The Powerball Winning Dog’s Wish List

A luxury wishlist for potential doggy billionaires

By Danielle Goreski

Powerball Dog Wishlist

Winning the Powerball might be a bit ‘far-fetched,’ but with the current estimated Powerball jackpot sitting at $1.5 BILLION dollars, Get Leashed just can’t help but wonder, “what would our beloved furry friends do”? Jumping into the mindset of our best friend, we discover that their idea of luxury is not that much different than ours.

If we happened to win the Powerball (although the odds are 1 in 292.2 million), how would we spoil our pets? We know the Get Leasher would give them the best things in life that money (more than we could ever spend in this lifetime) could buy. Wouldn’t your pet feel better if they knew their food was prepared by a gourmet chef or that their pad was previously owned by a celeb-petry?

For those who dream big with loads of money to spare, here’s your dog’s wish list of the 12 most expensive and luxurious things you can buy for your pet. Click on each item for more info!