The 2016 Dog Name Forecast

The most popular names for pooches this year

By Nicole Simone

Dog Names 2016 - Get Leashed Mag

Gone are the days when Oreo, Skippy, Jelly and various other sugary snacks were popular dog names. These days, people are taking their dogs more seriously and there’s a growing trend in giving them proper human names. This could be due to an increase in families opting for a dog over a baby, but we wouldn’t make any assumptions because, regardless, dogs with human names are pretty cool!

Inspired by the baby name forecast for 2016, we’ve created a list of potentially fantastic furry friend names! Don’t worry about the people in your life that might find it frustrating to find their baby shares a name with your dog; they should be proud! After all, your dog is definitely smarter than their baby (for now, anyways).

Another growing trend are names that reflect the dog’s heritage. Have a French Bulldog? Try Pierre. Have a Shiba Inu? Try Sakura. A German Shepherd? Go with Axel. The list goes on and only gets better.

Nevertheless, here are the top predicted dog names for 2016!

Dog names 2016 - Get Leashed


Eliza – Move over Minnelli, this modified version of Liza, is a name fit for a star.

Olive – This adorable name is perfect for the martini-loving owner.

Piper – This name likely became popular because of the lead character from Orange Is The New Black. Either way, it’s fun, energetic, and perfect for your next pooch.

Evie – This Hebrew name means “lively” and it’s ideal for any adorably energetic dog

Emmeline – There’s a great Ben Folds Five Song called “Emmeline” and you could certainly sing this to your dog!

Cordelia – For the more regal of dogs, Cordeila is a very Victorian sounding name that might suit a spaniel.

Sloane – Sloane is Gaelic for warrior. So if you have a little warrior princess on your hands, this name might suit her.

Mabel – This old-timey name might be best suited to a hound. It’s meaning is Latin for lovable and beautiful – and isn’t that just who your dog is?

Annabelle – This name means to be graceful and beautiful and is suited to the sweetest and most elegant of dogs.

Eloise – A French name meaning “famous of war” is perfect for a strong and brave girl.

Isla – This Scottish name refers to the river Islay. Ideal for water loving dogs or a dog of Scottish heritage.

Florence – The perfect spring time name, the meaning is “to blossom.”

Dog Names 2016 - Get leashed Magazine


Atticus – A very strong name for a strong dog, like a Rottweiler or Doberman.

Asher – A Hebrew name meaning “happy or blessed” you probably couldn’t find a better name for a Golden Retriever.

Ezra – This name means to help, and if you have a dog that is always on your heels hoping to help, this name might be for him!

Silas – For the dog that just loves running in the woods, this name means “of the woods”.

Declan – This name means “Full of Goodness” and is for the perfect golden boy dog!

Wyatt – For a Wild West dog, Wyatt is an old-fashioned cowboy name.

Jude – The ultimate “good boy” dog name – it means “to be praised”, and what dog doesn’t want a lot of praise?

Levi – For those needy dogs out there, Levi literally means, “attached”. How perfect is that?

Archer – This name is great for dogs that love any type of sport activity.

Ryker – The Star Trek fans ultimate dog name: Ryker!

Bodhi – Bodhi means, “to be awakened” and suits a very Zen dog.

Axel – This name might remind you of Guns N’ Roses, but it’s actually a German name meaning feather of peace.