Greg & Colette

Get to know this CBC Reporter & Meteorologist couple with their Goldendoodle puppy

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style team

Greg & Colette - Get Leashed Mag

Greg and Colette share a downtown condo conveniently close to the building they both work in, which is a huge plus because they’re both very busy people. Bringing information to the public is undoubtedly one of the busiest jobs because that information train never stops chugging along.  As a reporter and meteorologist respectively, Greg and Colette’s schedules are tight, so living close to home has an even greater importance when there’s a dog in the family. But with the ability to get home for breaks and walks periodically, their Goldendoodle puppy (the perfect condo dog) has way more quality time with his parents than most dogs would ever receive!

Greg and Colette got Oakley as a gift to themselves just this past holiday season. Other than a bit of adorable teething, it’s hard to tell this docile, lovable dog is still a puppy. From what we understand, Greg was the one who pushed for a dog while Colette thought their downtown space was a bit too small to hold a rambunctious puppy. But with Greg’s persistence and the ensuing skill he displayed in training Oakley, the puppy has fit right into their lives and they already couldn’t picture being without him.

Read on for more insight into this couple’s life with a new Goldendoodle and how they’ve fashioned a dog into their days together…


Please tell us about yourselves:

Colette: I’m a meteorologist (‘Weather Girl’) at CBC News. It’s a terrific profession that suits my interests…in the sense that it involves both the arts (presentation and graphic art) as well as analytics (forecasting and climatology). I get to meet and work with lots of great people. Though it can be a very serious profession at times, when there is severe weather or when dealing with climate change issues, it is also a ton of fun.

Greg: I have always fancied myself a bit of a storyteller. As a reporter for CBC news Toronto, I get to tell the stories that are important to this community every day. I love getting out and meeting interesting people and hearing the stories that they have to tell.

I don’t just enjoy delivering the news, I am an all-around news junkie. I love getting up in the morning and reading the news online with a cup of coffee.

A bit about your pet:

Oakley is a Goldendoodle. They are amazing dogs with lots of personality…gentle and kind with a love of people…and playful.  He is actually an F1B, which is when they back cross, as he is 75% poodle. One parent was a Goldendoodle and the other a poodle.  An F1 would mean a parent is a Golden Retriever and a parent is a poodle.  We made visits to the Humane Society and also investigated other rescue dog organizations first.  The issue is that Colette has skin allergies but her sister has the same thing and has a Goldendoodle without having a reaction, so in the end we opted to go this route.

What does your ideal weekend look like?

There is a dog park right outside our front doors and since having Oakley we have met tons of people that we would have just passed by before. Dog owners and dogs connect so quickly and give an easy focus for conversation (beyond just the weather, lol).

Beside the park is one of our favorite cafes (Le Neuf Café) so an ideal weekend involves a stop there for brunch or at least a café au lait and an almond croissant to go.

We also LOVE to go for walks and though Oakley is still too young to walk far, we are so looking forward to the spring when we can try and tire him out with a good long stroll.

In the meantime, play dates are the best. We love seeing him so happy, bouncing up and down like a rabbit. It’s very entertaining.


Describe your personal style:

We both have a style that would be considered classy with an edge.  Love modern but always need to have something transitional, re purposed, antique or with some sentimental value mixed in.  I (Colette) have a second career in real estate and design and have done several large design projects…it needs to look good but everything must also be functional and thought out to the last detail of how you will live in the space.

What inspires you?

An inspirational book would be The Four Agreements.

Colette’s been pursuing ‘mindfulness’ living thanks to her sister. It has a lot to offer anyone dealing with a busy life (which is everyone).

I (Colette) grew up in Kansas before living in Canada and the state motto is Latin: ‘Ad Astra Per Aspera,’ which means ‘To the Stars through Difficulty’.  I think that’s a great idea… it helps when going through life’s challenges.

How would you describe the look and feel of your home?

Simple, elegant, and functional. There’s tons of (some hidden) storage built in when it was renovated which dramatically increased the usefulness of such a tiny condo.

Oakley in the bath

A story about Oakley:

Oakley was part of the first litter of puppies we went to go see.  There were two other dogs we were interested in and we took lots of photos of them.  We did a little puppy test on him too…just in case…but we weren’t focused on him as we thought we wanted a girl pup.  At the last minute we snapped one photo of him, again, just in case. We then checked out other breeders elsewhere and when we finally decided on a dog it turned out that one was gone and Oakley was the last choice by default.  We would have loved any dog, but we so feel that he is the puppy we were meant to have.  He is a sweetheart.  We are like goo-goo-eyed new parents, always talking about how much we love him! Anyway, that we almost didn’t get him hits home when we look at certain pics.  For example, we have taken him for proper grooming, but Greg also once bathed him at home in the tub and Colette keeps those pictures on her phone. Whenever she looks at them her  heart just melts to think we may have ended up with any dog other than him.  See for yourself…our little muppet and punk rocker to boot.