Rory Lindo

Get to know the co-owner of Doll Factory by Damzels with Stanley the shop dog!

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style team

Rory Lindo - Get Leashed Magazine

Rory Lindo is a co-owner of Doll Factory by Damzels, a shop bursting with classy outfits and fun accessories for women that like a lot of color and a bit of “pop” in their wardrobe. The Doll Factory’s vintage-inspired dresses work perfectly for anyone who wants to dress up but stand out a little bit at a special occasion. Of course, where there’s a shop full of cheer, there’s a friendly shop dog on the scene!

Stanley, a rescue (yay!), works as the in-store greeter and is just about as chilled-out as a dog could be. He’s interested in the comings and goings, but makes his sweet face almost invisible by his quiet nature. Stanley’s treat motivated, so we were able to coax him into some pretty great photos. Plus, he’s obviously incredibly fond of Rory and more than willing to be snuggled in front of the camera.

Rory gives us a bit more info on this unique shop and her tireless four-legged employee below. Be sure to stop in to either location to shop with your girlfriends or for gifts for a special lady in your life with a classy-fun look and a sense of humor.


Please tell us about yourself:

I am co-owner of the retail clothing store, Doll Factory by Damzels, and co-designer of the dress label, Damzels in this Dress.

Our Queen Street East and Roncesvalles stores specialize in vintage-inspired dresses. I’m surrounded by beautiful clothes all day long, and get to meet amazing women who come into our stores shopping for that perfect dress to suit a particular occasion.

Our staff, including Stanley, who works as the in-store greeter, is more like family than coworkers and our customers are more like friends. We like to consider ourselves BFFs to gals who need help finding that perfect, figure-flattering dress. Our approach is honest and encouraging; not unlike Stanley!

A bit about your pet:

My husband Kyle and I rescued Stanley in November of 2014. His Petfinder photo didn’t do him any justice (it wasn’t his best side), but his bio said ‘loves everyone’ and we knew we had to meet him.

We were looking for a dog that would fit seamlessly into our lifestyle; who could come to either of our places of business without fuss; and who loved to share our everyday experiences.

We went up to the shelter for the introductions. He came out of the pen and leaned on my leg, looked up at us, and we were hooked.

His bio was on the money. He is an absolute sweetheart — very affectionate, super relaxed with a gentle temperament; a perfect furry companion and exactly the type of dog we were looking for. We’ve heard he may be part Beagle and part Westie, so we choose to call him a Bestie.


What does your ideal weekend look like?

Kyle, Stanley and I often visit the Leslieville Flea, a farmer’s market, or we simply go for a stroll on Queen East. And if it’s not too cold, we love to head down to Cherry Beach.

Describe your personal style:

Girlie rock n’ roll retail maven.

What inspires you?

I’m fortunate that amazing women come in and out of our stores every day. I am constantly impressed by their accomplishments, personal style, and sense of self. It’s a real privilege that they choose to shop with us, and in return it drives us to provide the best for them as well.


How would you describe the look and feel of your shop?

Girly rock n’ roll retail heaven.

A story about Stanley:

On a busy Saturday before Christmas, we noticed a group of girls looking around the shop. We asked them if they needed any help finding what they were looking for; they giggled and said they were looking for the dog. That pretty much sums up Stanley: he’s kind of a rock star.