Mark Pereira

Get to know the Automotive Journalist & Great Dane rescuer

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style team

Mark Pereira - Get Leashed Magazine

Well, it’s official: the bigger the dog, the better the photos. Great Danes, with their whimsical, knowing eyes and camera-loving personality, are a delight to shoot and with a story like Moose and Mark’s, we couldn’t be happier to feature this dog-owner buddy story.

Mark Pereira has a history of fostering Great Danes and helping these majestic dogs find forever homes with capable, knowledgeable and loving families. When Moose came into his life, what started as a temporary stay turned into an official adoption and what’s sure to be an epic life of adventures together.

With a love for lots of big things (tech, bikes and cars) and his love-turned-profession for big things in the automotive industry, a big dog just seems to fit perfectly into Mark’s life. Read on for more about Mark’s world and the important, touching and downright awesome work he’s done with organizations dedicated to helping dogs.

Mark Pereira & Moose - Get Leashed Mag

Please tell us about yourself:

I’m an experienced marketing strategist and media professional by day and obsessive automotive gearhead and motorcycle enthusiast at all other times. I’m often described as the guy you love to have on your team, armed with a diverse skill set as a seasoned automotive journalist and proven marketing specialist.

As the Marketing Strategist at ClearMotive Marketing Group, I pride myself on providing leadership to digital brands, media strategy, partnership opportunities and overall consumer campaign optimization. No matter the project, I always deliver for my clients, leading and implementing my expertise in valuable ways with measurable results.  My collaborative process, thirst for knowledge and quest to make everything more fun is applied to all that I do in the ever-changing world of advertising and marketing.

While my signature style can be far from conventional at times, I’m known to bring big ideas to life with recognized consumer brands, products and ad campaigns ranging from memorable work for Honda Canada to The Huffington Post. One of the best parts of my job at ClearMotive would be the incredible projects I get to work on and interesting people I’m fortunate to meet with along the way…Oh and of course bringing my Great Dane, Moose, to our office in Toronto.

Moose the Great Dane - Get Leashed Mag

A bit about your pet:

I first became hooked on the large and lovable breed after attending the annual Dane-a-thon Event put on by Danes in Distress, a Great Dane Rescue, where I met over 70+ Great Danes and their respective owners in one place. I got to see them interacting with people and each other and had no shortage of helpful owners on hand to answer my lengthy list of questions about them.

As for Moose, he’s currently an active 140lb, 18 month-old mantle Great Dane that originally came into my life as one of the many wonderful dogs in need I’ve volunteered to foster in my home through Danes In Distress. After his previous owners surrendered him at just 6 months old and only a few days before Christmas, I took him into my home for the holidays and began the familiar process of preparing him for upcoming adoption. Although I had told myself with the many Great Danes I’ve fostered before him that this was only to be a temporary foster home until he found his forever home, Moose clearly had other plans and ultimately knew differently. Within a few months of training, vet check-ups and getting to know his fun-loving but sometimes stoic personality, I made it official and adopted the big fella.

What does your ideal weekend look like?

Weekends consist of walks around the King West neighborhood we call home and plenty of visits to nearby Stanley Park and Trinity Bellwoods to meet up with various 4 and 2-legged friends we’ve made. Moose and I tend to be creatures of habit, so we frequent the same places and local businesses often.

Describe your personal style:

My style is fun, instinctive, versatile and a little rowdy.

What inspires you?

“It isn’t about telling the world you’re a rock star, it’s about showing them why you are one!”

Mark Pereira & Moose - Get Leashed Magazine

How would you describe the look and feel of your home?

Located inside what was once a 1930’s perfume factory, the distinctive low-rise building is recognized by the Toronto Historical Board and built like a tank. My space itself is open, raw and industrial. It’s honestly become my very own strategic ‘fortress of solitude,’ as much of my best work all starts right here, within these 14-inch thick concrete factory walls and under the dramatic 24-foot ceiling.

A story about Moose:

Judging by his number of Instagram followers and people who stop to say “hi” when we’re out, Moose is a popular guy who becomes best friends with everyone he sees (except for raccoons and skunks!). While we share similar ‘life of the party’ characteristics, Moose is also super lazy and often found following the sun while power napping. With nearly a dozen Great Danes living in our neighborhood (and counting), I’m also pretty sure Moose is forming a gang of fellow Great Danes at Stanley Park in hopes of taking treats from the pockets of unsuspecting dog owners. Special mention goes to his Great Dane partners in crime: Riggins, Bello, Merlin, Higgins, Zeus, Norm and Asher. That’s right, I’m onto you guys!