Rachel, Jane & Darren

Get to know the Red Pegasus shop dog & the people that love her

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style team

Red Pegasus - Get Leashed Magazine

If you’ve ever shopped for a gift in Toronto, be it Christmas, Valentine’s Day, a birthday, Mother’s Day, or a special Tuesday, the shop you found the perfect present in was likely Red Pegasus. Located on College Street at Grace for over twenty years, the store is an ode to romantic gestures, friendship, family and everything in between, stocking the perfect something for everyone. And the best thing about Red Pegasus: more often than not, Charlotte, an adorable rescue pup, will greet you.

Charlotte sometimes hangs out with Darren at Spectacle Eyewear, the best store for glasses in the city, but for our shoot we opted to visit the rest of her family at Red Pegasus, where they have more gifts for pet lovers than we could fit into one shoot. Rachel and Jane dote over Charlotte and she’s right at home in the welcoming storefront with the friendly neighborhood clientele.

We can’t say enough about the wonderful vibe these three people give to an already wonderful store by adding one little dog with a rambunctious but completely sweet character. Jane and Darren tell you all about themselves and Charlotte below. Since Rachel is such a large part of Charlotte’s life, we feature her as well, though she left the answers to her daughter and Darren. If you want to know more about Rachel and her relationship with Charlotte, you’ll just have to stop into the store, which we definitely recommend!


Please tell us about yourselves:

Jane: I work at Red Pegasus a couple of days a week and as an addictions crisis worker the rest of the time. My favorite part of coming to work at Red Pegasus is the fact that I can bring Charlotte with me. Red Pegasus functions as Charlotte’s personal doggie day care. She brightens every one’s day and draws many people in just to visit with her. We both love interacting and connecting with customers.

Darren: I am the brand ambassador and head stylist for Spectacle Eyewear and I am also going to school to complete an optical sciences degree and become an optician. I love my job because I can be me at work; I can have fun, help people out and it is one of the rare places where fashion and health care mix everyday. Plus I get to bring my dog, which is just amazingly unique. We are always staying at the forefront of what is going on with eyewear and keeping up with this keeps me excited. I balance this with my home life, which is pretty chilled and mostly about getting that quality time in with my loved ones, Jane and Charlotte, as well as obsessing over Detroit Tigers baseball in an almost unhealthy, neurotic way.

A bit about your pet:

Jane: We adopted Charlotte from an organization called Noble Dog Rescue, which no longer exists. (If we were to adopt again I’d contact Save Our Scruff). She was originally from a shelter in Palm Springs, California and that’s all we really know about her past. She is a Chiweenie — part Chihuahua, part Wiener dog — but who really knows what she is. She’s fit into our lives perfectly since the moment we got her. Charlotte and I have very similar personalities. She loves to sleep in and have lazy days, but is also very active when we’re out and about. Charlotte stays in great shape by jumping all the time and does lots of downward and upward dogs.

Darren: She is a Chiweenie according to the papers, but looks a little min-pin esque as well. We had been tossing around the idea of getting a pooch, saw her pic on a rescue site’s Instagram and decided to check her out. A really personal reason for why I fell for her specifically is that I had a dream about the picture of her I saw the night after I saw it and that is one of maybe a handful of dreams I can remember having since I was a little kid. Her personality suits us because she can be as hyper and in your face as me, or as calm and gracefully relaxed as Jane. Also she looks cute in her sweaters, like Jane.


What does your ideal weekend look like?

Jane: We both work a lot, but when we have a day off together we like to start it off with a morning walk. We usually make our way to TBC — an amazing vegan bakery in our area. When it’s nice out we like to go for neighbourhood walks and explore. If it’s cold we’ll stay in and watch a movie cuddling as a family on the couch.

Darren: Netflix and chill with my boo or catch a movie at The Revue on Roncy. In the summer we hit up a ball game or the Island with the dog. She loves the Island in the summer; watching her chase swallows and jet planes is hilarious

Describe your personal style:

Jane: Sophisticated, polished, casual. I’m always on the go between Red Pegasus, the gym and my other job. I often work night shifts, so it’s important for my to be cozy while still looking somewhat professional.

Darren: Classic, Sexy, Messy, Preppy. (A blazer makes anything look classy right???) Unless I am at home, then it’s sweaty p’s, T’s and a ball cap. Jane describes my style as shabby chic; I say Hobo Dior.


What inspires you?

Jane: I strive to balance my work and home life and be as healthy as I can. I love to exercise, and eat healthy. Self care is something I always make time for, whether it’s going to a yoga class or getting a pedicure. I also think it’s really important to take a trip at least once a year. Traveling has always inspired me.

Darren: Macho Man Randy Savage, early 90’s professional sports, the Black Panthers, Wu Tang Clan and Hedi Slimane. My personal motto: nothing exceeds like excess.

How would you describe the look of your shops? _MG_5320

Jane: Red Pegasus has always felt like a second home to me and I think it has a very welcoming atmosphere. It always smells amazing and brings people together; it’s very community oriented.

Darren: Spectacle is a modern, upscale boutique with a really upbeat and fun family atmosphere Our home is very clean (thanks to Jane), with a quaint “couples” feel. Red Peg for me has always felt like an extension of that home — Rachel is very welcoming, as Jane said, and very easy-going. Charlotte feels like all three are her home; she’ll bark if she thinks you are intruding on her space and show off some toys you can’t touch if she wants to impress you.

A story about Charlotte:

Charlotte has always loved the Christmas holidays. She gets so excited to open any and all presents in the morning (even if they are not for her) and brings family members their gifts from under the tree. She’s always so grateful for everything and can never give enough kisses to show it. She wakes up every morning with such joy to start the day — unless it’s cold out, then she just wants to stay in bed and get the full door-to-door service, just like her mom. Charlotte has always been such a happy dog and I think she is so grateful she found her fur-ever home and we are pretty lucky to have found her!