Valentine’s Day Gifts for Cats

Lovely presents for our smitten kittens

By Danielle Goreski

Valentine's Day Gifts for Cats - Get Leashd Magazine

Cat ladies (and lads) get a bad rap – after all, what could be more cuddly and cozy than snuggling up with your favorite feline on a cold winter’s night? Forget the shallowness of the dating scene; the love of a discerning kitty is the real deal. If your cat is your significant other this Valentine’s Day, we say good for you — there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, you might just be better off. And if you are celebrating with your cat this February 14th, we’ve got 15 purrfect gifts that will turn even the most standoffish cat into a smitten kitten, ready to eat out of the palm of your hand.

Dazzle their senses with catnip toys, display your BFF status with a collar/bracelet matching set, and spoil your pussy pal rotten with blinged out accessories and glamorous products designed to keep them lounging in the decadent manner they think they deserve. No matter how you choose to showcase your love, you’ll be doing it in style with our gift guide for feline friends.

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