Social Pets: Katy Perry’s Pup, Butters

Katy Perry’s dog dazzles us on Instagram!

By Jon Nelson

Katy Perry - Butters - Get Leashed Magazine

Since she’s known for the neon cats decorating her fun house of a stage in her massive, sold-out stadium shows, and her two famously named cats (Kitty Purry and Monkey) you wouldn’t think Katy Perry is such a dog person. But as it turns out, she is!

With an Instagram account edging close to 40 million followers, pictures of her dog, Butters, always send fans into a tizzy. There’s speculation that Butters is a Caramel Toy Poodle, or perhaps a Golden Doodle, but regardless of his breed, he’s adorable!

Unlike most of us dog lovers, Perry doesn’t overdo the puppy posts, but her time with Butters is usually captured in one perfect, ridiculously cute photo. While she admits that her assistant is more of a dog mom than she is, it’s pretty apparent that Perry loves Butters a ton; and with a face like that, how could you not?