A Date with Miss Fortune Is Sure to Make Your Valentine’s Day a Lucky One!

This Valentine’s day, see Bella the Boston terrier shine in this quirky and clever RomCom

By the Get Leashed Celebrity Squad

The Cast of A Date With Miss Fortune - Get Leashed Magazine

Vik Sahay, Bella the dog, Ryan Scott, Jeannette Sousa & Joaquim de Almeida

Bella - Get Leashed MagazineIt’s that time of year, friends! Hearts are hung in storefront windows, romantic ballads flood the airwaves and men scramble for last-minute dinner reservations – that’s right, Valentine’s Day is upon us.  And what better way to celebrate this sensual holiday than with a deliriously perfect RomCom that also happens to star a fabulously funny pooch?

On January 28, 2016, the Get Leashed crew hit the red carpet for the Toronto première of A Date With Miss Fortune, a delightfully romantic comedy that is sure to please even the most discerning of dates. Directed by Canada’s John L’Ecuyer, the film stars Ryan Scott as a man who has been down on his luck until a chance meeting with a charming Portuguese woman, played by Jeannette Sousa.  Toss in clever cultural nuances, hilarious superstitions and competing family values and you have a recipe for a laugh-out-loud comedy that is bursting with enough romance to secure you some solid snuggles – in other words, the perfect “date movie!”

a date 2

Ryan Scott & Jeanette Sousa in A Date With Miss Fortune

Just when you thought this movie couldn’t get any cuter, enter Mr. Bojangles!  This rambunctious and charismatic Boston terrier, played by Bella and handled by veteran trainer, Melissa Millett, is sure to steal your heart and garner a few chuckles from you and your date alike.

Millet is the owner of a stunt dog training school and is the reason for Bella’s foray into show business.  While the days on set can be long, Bella enjoys the challenge, the attention and the special treats she gets while working. Millet is sure that the whole experience goes a long way toward helping Bella build confidence and feel like top dog! The pair have been performing together for 5 years and recently Bella was named the “Top Stunt Dog in North America” by Good Morning America. A well-deserved accolade for this passionate trainer and her best pupil.

A date 1

Jeanette Sousa & Ryan Scott in A Date With Miss Fortune

Catch Bella in A Date With Miss Fortune, opening in select markets on February 05, 2016. If you pair this film with flowers and champagne, we promise your Valentine’s Day fortune is sure to read “outlook good!” – You lucky dog, you!


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