NEED / WANT / HAVE: Tickled Pink Edition

This one’s for the girls! Hit the streets with a spring in your high-heeled step

By Danielle Goreski

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As we enter the shortest month of the year, we find ourselves rejoicing in Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction of an early Spring. With some cities hitting record-breaking temperatures for February, we feel like dusting off the old and bringing in the new. We’re ready to hit the streets with a spring in our high-heeled step and with so many cool things happening this month, Get Leashed is feeling a bit tickled pink! This one’s for you, girls!


/ to have need of; require

Take travel to a whole new level with the Madison Pet Carrier

Cold winter weather can bring on a serious case of wanderlust. This tried, tested and true pet carrier is the perfect addition to help your pet travel in some serious jet-set style. Airline approved with a breathable mesh back, side and top allows your pet easy entry and exit. These bags are not only deliciously fashionable but are also perfect for the Eco-conscious, with fabric made from recycled plastic bottles.

Madison Pet CarrierAvailable in 2 sizes:
Small-medium   16” W x 10” H x 9 1/2” D
Medium –Large  18” W  x 11 1/2” H x 10 1/2” D
·       100% printed fabric made from recycled plastic bottles
·       Breathable mesh back, side and top
·       Double zip top and side opening with Velcro closing
·       Removable and washable polyester sherpa fleece covered bottom
·       Side end double pocket
·       Real metal lock and trim
·       Adjustable and removable shoulder strap.

Madison Pet Carrier / $165.00
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/ to wish, need, crave, demand or desire

Teach yourself how to ‘heel’

Pigalle FolliesWe’re not talking about walking the dog here. This February, we’re seeing a bit of red. Christian Louboutin does it again by taking it sky-high with this gorgeous glittart stiletto heel with a plunging 120mm arch.

Huge news! Excitement is mounting in Toronto, Canada, as Christian Louboutin is set to open its first Canadian freestanding store in the Yorkville neighborhood. Toronto will join the ranks of New York, Hong Kong, Miami, and Paris – global cities that have their own freestanding Louboutin stores. The store will be located at 99 Yorkville Ave and will have two floors of retail space.

Pigalle Follies – 120mm / $695
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/ to have or receive

“I just wanted them to know that they didn’t break me.”
– Andie, Pretty in Pink

It’s hard to believe that the 1986 romantic comedy, Pretty in Pink, will turn 30 this year.  For those of you who are huge John Hughes fans, you can celebrate by catching this classic when it hits select theaters in the U.S. this month. Named after a 1980 single by The Psychedelic Furs, the film was originally released on February 28th, 1986.  If you’re familiar with this movie, you know that its filled with high coifs styled with Dippity-Do and shoulder pads that would make Joan Crawford jealous. For some of you, a VHS copy might still be kicking around in your collection and if so, it’s time to dust it off and put it in that VCR. Yes, it’s February and Get Leashed is kicking it out old-school.

Pretty In Pink

Molly Ringwald stars as Andie, a girl from the wrong side of town who falls for one of the rich kids, Blane (Andy McCarthy). Meanwhile, Andie’s sidekick, Duckie (Jon Cryer) wants to be more than just friends. There’s also a super rich douchebag, Steff (James Spader), who works hard to keep his friend Blane from hooking up with anyone that’s not from the upper class. It’s all about teen love angst in the 1980’s and this movie is an utter classic.

Pretty in Pink’s soundtrack made Rolling Stone’s list of “The Greatest Soundtracks of All Time.” The LP was reissued in 2013 as a special limited edition vinyl in solid pink. It’s a killer soundtrack for 80‘s babies, fans of nostalgia, and retro film buffs. Featuring tracks for Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark, INXS, Psychedelic Furs, New Order, Morrissey and Echo and the Bunnymen, to name a few.

Check out the video for Pretty In Pink by Psychedelic Furs!

According to Wikipedia*, the film earned US$6,065,870 during its opening weekend and $40,471,663 during its theatrical run. It was the 22nd highest-grossing film in 1986. Seems like small peanuts when you compare what some movies gross these days.

Filmmaker John Hughes died in 2009.

Pretty in Pink will be in theaters on February 14th and February 17th for two showings at 2pm and 7pm local time. Check your theater for local listings or view events in your area.