Sarah & Rob

Get to know this Toronto couple with their gorgeous Greyhound rescue

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style Team

Sarah & Rob - Get Leashed Magazine

Choosing a breed of dog that suits your household can sometimes be an arduous process. Finding a dog with an energy level and personality that fits your lifestyle and home’s size is important, while one member of the household might have their heart set on a particular breed the other hadn’t thought of. While we see a lot (A LOT) of dogs for Get Leashed, our favorites are the ones that are so undeniably comfortable in their home that you can tell the process of finding this particular dog was incredibly well thought out.

Halladay, Sarah and Rob’s Greyhound, was enjoying a day of lounging so much that he didn’t even get up to greet us at the door (a hilarious first for Get Leashed). This isn’t to say he lacks energy, because once the treats were out and the photoshoot began, we were privy to his excited Greyhound prancing and his adorable playful side. Chatting about Halladay, we were thrilled to learn about a Greyhound rescue and the funny story of how much Sarah wanted this breed and brought Rob on board.

Sarah & Rob tell us more about themselves and Halladay below…


Please tell us about yourselves:

Rob: Both of us enjoy meaningful, rewarding careers that give us a sense of purpose and accomplishment. I’m a partner and VP at The Humphrey Group, a communications firm headquartered in Toronto and Vancouver. We work with executives, managers and their teams to help them speak as influential, inspirational leaders. My work has brought me to many interesting places around the world, including  the UAE, Turkey, Mexico, several countries in Europe, parts of the U.S. and of course all across Canada. It’s helped me appreciate not just our differences as a global community, but also our similarities and shared desires. I love the work I do, and the people I get to work with every day.

Sarah:  I oversee stakeholder and investor relations for InstarAGF Asset Management, an alternative investment firm focused on infrastructure in North America.  It’s rewarding to work with a company that is investing in improving and building critical community infrastructure, things like electricity systems, water networks and transportation assets.

A bit about your pet:

Halladay is a 10-year old greyhound — born in Texas, raced in West Virginia, and now comfortably retired in Toronto. Sarah was the driving force behind us choosing this particular breed. One day several years ago, she craftily engineered a week of dog-sitting for our friends’ greyhound, and that was it for us. Shortly after, we adopted Halladay through the good people at Greyhounds in Need of Adoption (GINA), a Toronto-based agency that fosters and rehomes retired greyhounds. We renamed him in honor of Toronto Blue Jays pitching legend Roy Halladay — who we hope one day learns of this!

Greyhounds are a perfect breed for us. They’re quiet, low-maintenance, affectionate yet a touch aloof, which suits us just fine. As a relatively uncommon breed, Halladay is the subject of curiosity and many questions when out walking. It’s always fun for us to discuss the breed and serve as greyhound ambassadors.

In the five years we’ve had him, he’s become part of our family, inserting himself into the centre of any gathering, regardless of how much (or how little) space there may be. Watching him interact happily with our 2 year-old niece is tons of fun, as is observing his quirky greyhound habits each day.

Halladay the Greyhound - Get Leashed Mag

What does your ideal weekend look like?

Some similarities and some glaring distinctions…

Rob: Late to rise, slow to get moving, read weekend newspapers, watch sports on TV, wait for Sarah to come home from her many errands, walk the dog around our Summerhill neighborhood, (ideally in much sunshine) and eventually cap it off with a long, late dinner together with a good bottle of wine.

Sarah:  Conversely, I tend to be an early riser, even on weekends.  I love to spend some quiet time with Halladay over breakfast while perusing the newspaper and then I’m out the door to my favorite neighborhood Pilates studio for a workout.  And I’ll agree that a perfect day definitely encompasses a good bottle of wine, preferably enjoyed in our very own backyard oasis — at least in the summer months!

Describe your personal style:

Rob: For work/business, I keep it detailed, closely tailored, modern yet classic in cut and design. With a few statement pieces and accessories added for boldness, sophistication and a bit of dandy. Weekend style is less defined though it mainly follows the same principles.

Sarah:  Elegant and sleek with an edge.

What inspires you?

Rob: Many years ago my parents made the tough decision to leave our original homeland (Malta) and make a new home for us in Canada. That move taught me much about courage, curiosity and following your heart. These are the traits that inspire and energize me still, and which I try to embody in my own life.

Sarah: Halladay’s enthusiasm for life is truly infectious. He has an innate curiosity about everything, loves to meet new people and takes such joy in simple, everyday things. Sharing your home and life with a pet imparts a lot of lessons and is a great reminder of what really matters: friends, family and community.

Rob & Halladay - Get Leashed Mag

How would you describe the look and feel of your home?

We’d describe our home as carefully curated yet very livable. We’ve been influenced by principles of mid-century modern design, preferring clean lines, open spaces, and the iron-fisted banishment of all clutter! Offsetting the many straight-edged, glass, stone and steel fabrications, are plenty of warm woods, fun furs and vibrant rugs for balance and visual interest.

Halladay keeps any seriousness here well in check. Though we’ve tried to keep him off the furniture, we’ve conceded the battle for the living room couch. We now accept that he will always sleep on it when we’re not home. If only he were smart enough to place the cushions back onto the sofa after kicking them out of his way.

Please share a story about your pet:

When we first got Halladay we were living in a condo with a big white fur rug in the living room. On the day he was brought to us so we could meet him, he ran straight into the living room onto the rug, turned and stared right at us, lifted a leg and peed on it. After a brief stunned silence we cracked up and instantly appreciated his assertiveness and attitude. He had us at that point. We can’t imagine our lives without him.