Sandra Shatilla

Get to know this fantastic Marketing Director & her gorgeous pup Lucy!

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style team

Sandra Shatilla - Get Leashed Magazine

At Get Leashed, we meet a lot of dogs. While they’re all amazing, well-loved and and loving dogs in their own right, we’ve noticed that each one has their own distinct personality that can often be summed up in a single adjective: shy, stubborn, playful, interested, lackadaisical, loyal etc. But it’s rare that a dog is just plain joyful. Lucy, Sandra’s Shichon, is exactly that. Some might call her energetic or peppy, but those words don’t quite capture what makes Lucy so special. We’re pretty sure that all her excited, animated energy comes from a soul that is full of joy.

It’s undeniable that Lucy’s joy comes from her relationship with Sandra. These two are obviously meant to be. As a Director of Marketing with a history of working for big brands, Sandra is the kind of person that is easy to like and get along with. No doubt those traits transfer easily to her relationship with pets and from the moment we laid eyes on them, we could tell that Lucy adores Sandra as much as Sandra adores her. It’s all pretty darn adorable.

Read on to find out a bit more about Sandra and why for her, finding the perfect dog to suit her style was basically the best thing ever.

Sandra Shatilla_Get Leashed Magazine

Please tell us about yourself:

I have been fortunate enough in my career to work for some incredible companies and be the voice of, and ambassador for, some pretty incredible brands. I am currently the Director of Marketing for the Global Robotics Business Unit for Spin Master. Spin Master is a true Canadian success story. It is a global toy and entertainment company that was founded here in Toronto in 1994 by three friends who are still very much a part of the day-to-day business.

Every day I get to go to work and be part of a team that truly creates magic in the form of some amazing toys! It is pretty amazing to work for an organization that creates innovative fun stuff, that celebrates and embraces ideas and that truly has an entrepreneurial spirit that is engrained in its culture.

A bit about your pet:

My dog’s name is Lucy. She is a cross-breed: half ShihTzu, half Bichon Frise. Her breed is known as a Shichon. Their personalities are known to be very sweet, playful, friendly and social. All descriptions include a warning about the breed being highly intelligent, which is really a nice way to stay stubborn with a mind of their own!

She is mostly white with, grey and caramel highlights.  She is a little dog with a big personality. She is really the perfect dog. She is very affectionate and incredibly social.   She is pure joy! She has made my life better just by being in it. Lucy forces me to take the time to exhale and see the world through her eyes. To take the time to enjoy the little moments. Even though I have only had her for two and a half years, I can’t imagine her not being around.

I have had pets my entire life. I last had a cat that lived to be 19. I was heartbroken when she died. It took me 10 years to get another pet. I knew that I wanted a dog, but, I felt at that time my lifestyle wouldn’t have been fair to a dog. Two and a half years ago, things just seemed to fall into place.  In some ways, she chose me. I had picked out a completely different cross-breed and had chosen a puppy, but then I saw Lucy. I kept going back to look at her. I called the breeder and asked about her and ended up with a dog that chose me!

Sandra's pup Lucy - Get Leashed Mag

What does your ideal weekend look like?

My perfect weekend would start with a morning walk to High Park around Grenadier Pond or along the waterfront trail along by the Humber Bay Shores and the big white bridge, where you can find some of the most beautiful views of Toronto.

I might go to Homesense – I am obsessed! A week rarely goes buy without a visit for a treasure hunt to see what I can find! I often bring Lucy with me, because they are dog-friendly and she loves to explore the store (she gets a ton of attention!) I also might visit Chapters/Indigo – on a rainy day there is something truly calming about getting lost in a sea of books. The stores are so inviting and beautifully laid out.  I am old-school when it comes to books. I will always choose a book over an eReader.

Describe your personal style:

Soft, feminine, classic, form-fitting silhouettes, but never boring. One of my favorite style quotes:  “Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick”…and a killer pair of stilettos.

What inspires you?

In November 2008, I learned that my Dad had cancer. In December 2008 he had the tumor removed and luckily the surgery was successful. Fast forward 1 year later I learned that I had been chosen as an Olympic Torch Bearer for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games. One year to the day, almost to the minute that the surgeon told us that my dad was going to be okay, I stood on a street in Oshawa, Ontario while my friends and my mom and my cancer-free dad watched as the Torch was lit with the Olympic Flame. If I could have bottled up that feeling in that moment and shared it with everyone I know, I would have. It was a moment that was symbolic in so many ways, but most importantly it was a reminder to truly cherish those who mean the most to you. To make the time to spend it with those that matter. My dad is now almost 83, still the most positive person I know and he is a reminder of how important it is to enjoy every moment and to make time for what is important in life.

Sandra Shatilla & Lucy-Get Leashed Magazine

How would you describe the look and feel of your home?

My home is where I come to exhale. It is my happy place. I have tried to create a very open, airy and welcoming space where friends and family feel comfortable. It has a classic and elegant style with a bit of fun thrown in. It has just enough softness and the right amount of sparkle. I have chosen pieces of art that have spoken to me or I have been drawn to. Some are original and others are prints. One of my favorites is an original of a woman in a long black dress with the quote: “Well behaved women rarely make history” subtly worked into the piece.

A story about Lucy:

I think Lucy’s favorite place is on my bed in the middle of my duvet. Every night at 11:00pm, she wants me to put her on the bed. She scurries to the side of the bed and waits to be picked up (she’s 11lbs and can’t jump that high). She immediately curls up and lets out a huge sigh. Lucy is a sleeper! One of the reasons I wanted to get a dog was to force me into becoming a morning person. It figures I would end up with a dog that loves to sleep in more than I do! My day usually starts with the alarm going off around 6:00am with me hitting snooze until 7:00am – Lucy doesn’t even move. I get up, have a shower, put on my makeup, make my lunch, walk around the condo in my heels, get Lucy’s food ready and she is still curled up and melted into the white duvet with one eye barely open.  But, once I put her collar on her with the leash, and ask her if she wants to “go see who’s outside,” she jumps off the bed and is ready to go and sashays her way down the hall for her morning walk. It makes me laugh every morning.