Wendy Richardson

Get to know this stellar Account Exec & Peanut the Cat

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style Team

Wendy Richardon - Get Leashed Magazine

While we don’t get to feature a lot of cats, the ones we do are pretty special. We love meeting cats because we’re pretty sure that these days, their owners are redefining what a “cat person” is. Having a cat is seeing a resurgence of cool. Cat people are hip and stylish with the addition of flare courtesy of the felines in their lives. Of course, if the cat is an orange tabby, the cool factor is even greater.

If you know Wendy, you know she has a special relationship with Peanut. Somehow, she’s able to capture the funny cat things he does and bring joy to hundreds of Instagram followers by posting short stories of his escapades. We have to admit, Peanut is pretty darn cute and paired with Wendy, they’re definitely amplifying our cat people theory.

Read a bit more about Wendy and her cool cat below.

Wendy Richardson - Get Leashed Magazine

Please tell us about yourself:

I work in advertising as an account executive. Every day I deal with clients, our creative team, budgets, timelines and the occasional presentation. What I love most about my job is being able to work through a problem to develop a strategy to solve the problem and measure the results at the end. Taking a consumer and convincing them they need your services based on their way of life is pretty amazing.

A bit about your pet:

My cat’s name is Peanut and he is an orange tabby. I got him because I read his bio taped to his cage when I was at PetSmart (they have the SPCA animals up for adoption). He had recently recovered from a broken neck from what they believed was abuse – I adopted him on the spot.

Peanut - Get Leashed Magazine

What does your ideal weekend look like?

My ideal weekend is running all over the city and experiencing as many places as I can – new pizza spots are my favorite, as well as cool pubs and breweries.

Describe your personal style:

I would say my style varies depending on the day. For work it’s business casual, on weekends it’s comfy casual and for events it’s trendy – but the one thing that ties all my outfits together is that they are all covered in cat hair.

What inspires you?

My parents inspire me the most – not only are they the hardest workers I know, they consistently support me in whatever I do and always have my back. They also have shown me that true love exists, so they are pretty motivating people.

Wendy Richardson - Get Leashed Mag

How would you describe the look and feel of your home?

I think my home is a cozy nook, perfect for rainy days watching Netflix. It has everything I need and it’s not in the downtown core so it’s not noisy.

A story about Peanut:

This past summer I took Peanut out for a little walk on his leash. He doesn’t exactly walk on the leash; he more so lets you pull him. When we got to the side of the house I saw a little red mark. I thought he had cut himself from the ground so I freaked out. I took him inside and started cleaning the wound – crying my eyes out. The entire time Peanut just sat there and took it and didn’t complain at all. Turns out it was a raspberry in his fur – this shows how I’m a bit of a worrywart, but he puts up with everything.