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Meet the Norwegian adventure cat

By Jon Nelson

Jesper - Get Leashed Magazine

While a large number of cats are considered “indoor cats,” many feline lovers know that a cat’s real place is outdoors. Of course, not every cat can safely go outside and many are happy to purr the day away in a comfortable sunspot or perched high on our bookshelves and armoires. But for Jesper the cat, that simply would never do.

Jesper, deemed “The Adventure Cat,” has a penchant for the great outdoors. Thankfully, being a native of Hedmark, Norway, he gets served up a perfect winter wonderland and a gorgeous four season environment. His owner, Aina Nymoen Stormo, started letting him follow along on hikes when he was just a few months old. When winter came along, the outdoor enthusiast would ski to more remote locations but the still wanted to tag along. Riding in a backpack suited his style most of the time, but his adventurous side soon had him running along beside the skis and eventually, he was fashioned with a Skijoring harness so he could “pull” Aina along the tracks.

When he’s not skiing, Jesper traverses the countryside and has even been caught swimming from time to time. His owners know he’s special but stress that when he’s not outside, he’s just like any other cat – lazy, cuddly, and a bit of a snorer.

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