Mike & Michelle

Live an eco-friendly life with this couple and their gorgeous Golden Retriever

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style Team

Mike and Michelle - Get Leashed Magazine

When we heard Mike and Michelle got a new home, we told them we’d be over ASAP for a feature. We knew they had a Golden Retriever with a wonderful personality and were two people with great design sense so a shoot with them would be a good one. However, we were just a little early! The new homeowners were still in the midst of renovating. With an exposed brick interior and a fantastic, old-timey front porch, we were still able to showcase how great the home is and will soon be. Plus, Bella the Golden smiles for photos like a model and could make any photoshoot worthwhile!

Read a bit more about Mike and Michelle’s life with Bella below.

Mike and Michelle - Get Leashed Mag

Please tell us about yourself:

We are eco friendly people! I sell eco-friendly lifestyle products with Koru Distribution and we use biodegradable poop bags. Mike also uses environmentally friendly products in his real estate business whenever possible.

A bit about your pet:

Bella is a golden retriever. She’s absolutely gorgeous. Mike had a Golden growing up and really couldn’t picture having any other breed. I’ve also always been a fan (how could you not be!?) and know they are very sweet, so was on board. I do wish I could scoop her up like a little dog though! She is our bff.

What does your ideal weekend look like?

We love walking Bella with a coffee in hand. Bella’s favorite activity is swimming in the lake and seeing her with that beautiful smile on her face makes us incredibly happy so we take her down to the Beach whenever we can.


Describe your personal style:

Cool downtown relaxed couple with a dog for a kid!

What inspires you?

Strive for joy and happiness. Bella helps bring about that feeling daily.

A story about Bella:

Bella creates little stories within daily moments. Every morning and night she nuzzles her head into our legs for a pet and you can literally feel the love. One crazy memory is the time she took off while on a walk at the Beach and did a polar dip in the winter ice cold water. It didn’t phase her, she just felt like swimming!