Krystle & Brenley

Get to know this cool & creative dog-loving couple

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style Team

Krystle & Brenley with Jersey - Get Leashed Mag

Dogs with cool names are one of the best things in the world. We’re all for classic dog names and the running trend in people names, but a dog that earns it from her place in the world has a special spot in our dog-loving hearts. So while we won’t ruin the story behind Jersey’s name, we’ll give kudos to Krystle and Brenley for giving a cool dog a really cool name.

With a beautiful home in an incredible part of Toronto, Krystle and Brenley have given Jersey a pretty great life. Even though she was almost a farm dog outside of the city, we think living close to Trinity Bellwoods and the dog bowl within makes her a pretty lucky pup. Jersey seems to know it as she’s full of smiles and obvious love for her awesome parents.

Get to know Krystle, Brenley and Jersey more and be sure to say hi if you ever see them cruising around Bellwoods –  the awesome trio is pretty hard to miss!

Krystle & Brenley - Get Leashed Mag

Please tell us a little bit about yourselves:

Krystle: I am a copywriter at an advertising agency. I love my job because I get to be creative every single day and no single day is ever the same. Jersey also likes that I am in advertising because she gets to visit the office. She gets treats galore and she loves sifting through everyone’s trash can. One late night at work Jersey realized that, even though Red Curry tasted really good at the time, her stomach was too delicate for the spicy flavor.

Brenley: I am a musician/singer/songwriter in a band called Madison Violet and we have been together for over 15 years. I love my job because it’s my art and so few people get to do their art for a living. Jersey definitely misses me when I’m on the road; at least that’s what I’ve picked up on our Facetime calls, but the great thing is that I get to spend so much time with her when I’m not touring. I spend all day with her when I’m working from home with several trips to Trinity Bellwoods to play ball throughout the day.

A bit about your pet:

Jersey is a border collie/lab mix. She may well have something else in her (we often hear from other dog owners that she could have some Aussie in her). We happened upon Jersey in the great township of Harriston, Ontario. We were en route to Brenley’s parents place in Kincardine and happened to see a “Pups For Sale” sign. We pulled into the farm and spoke with the Farmer who told us that Jersey (whose name at the time was Sprinkles) had been adopted by a woman whose husband had recently passed away, but then returned to the farm 3 weeks later. The woman said that she couldn’t look after a puppy because she was so full of grief. Jersey was relegated to sleeping in the barn with the Jersey cows (see what we did there?). As soon as we laid eyes on Jersey we knew she would be our pup. She looked like a little bear cub and smelled like cow patties.


What does your ideal weekend look like?

Our perfect weekend looks like this: Morning snuggles. Hiking (us) and chasing squirrels (Jersey) through High Park. A workout or run. Coffee stops at Empire Espresso on College St. Explore (sniff) the streets of our neighborhood. Trinity Bellwoods Park for some sewers with friends (us) and ball (for Jersey). A quick visit to Helmutt’s, followed by a movie on the couch with popcorn (us) and begging for popcorn (Jersey).

Describe your personal style:

25% Casual comfort (for dog walking), 25% rock star stage, 10% professional (for important meetings and weddings), 21% jeans (shirts and pants), 10% Raptors/Blue Jays apparel, 9% lesbian stereotype (but this one applies to everyone who has Birks or a pair of Blundstones).

What inspires you?

Krystle: Jersey. Every morning since having Jersey I wake up in a good mood. She makes me smile every single morning. Jersey inspires me. And so do ideas that make change for the world – most recently the design students at Royal College of Art that made a coat that can be refigured into a tent or sleeping bag to aid refugees.

Brenley: I’m inspired by taking risks. I start things I have no idea how to finish and for some reason I don’t think about the potential for total disaster. I’ve built a stainless steel cable railing on our staircase, knocked down walls and renovated our kitchen with one eye on the nail and one eye on a YouTube tutorial. Oh and we got a dog! Maybe it’s the prospect of failure that gets my heart racing and my creativity pumping or perhaps it’s because I’m a songwriter and I’ve gotten used to working with the unknown elements and raw materials.


How would you describe the look and feel of your home?

Clean lines, modern white space with warm industrial and rustic furnishings and a big white box of dog toys.

A story about Jersey:

Jersey is a very fast learner and was house trained in a matter of days. The only time she had an accident in the loft, I picked her up midway through, and brought her outside to finish. A few weeks after we got her, we were invited to a friend’s fancy new house for dinner. Caught up in dinner conversation, we soon realized Jersey was nowhere to be found. I hustled up the stairs to find her in the master bedroom, in poop stance unleashing a fury within a millimeter of a white persian rug. Why she chose to let it loose beside the rug will remain a mystery but we like to think that just like us, Jersey is more into natural settings like hardwood than precious accoutrements. And by the way, Krystle’s favorite word is “accoutrement” and I’m so happy I got to use it in a sentence.