Hailey Halpern

Get to know the girl behind Instagram stars Rems & Shmends!

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style Team

Hailey Halpern - Get Leashed Magazine

The Internet really changed the world for pets and pet lovers. Not so long ago, we had to get our doggie fix from the cute Frenchie down the street, our cousin’s playful Husky, and if we were lucky, our own dog or two. These days, unbeknownst to them, cute dogs can get love from thousands upon thousands of people. Their daily lives, antics and activities are broadcast to pet lovers around the world to swoon over (and distract themselves with). Of course, with so many pets out there, a cute mug is just the start; to capture our attention, today’s social media pets need personality, name-recognition and a passionate pet parent to back their rising star power.

Hailey Halpern started Rems & Shmends as a marketing experiment, and though it seems obvious now that this fun-loving duo were destined for Instagram greatness, Hailey swears she was surprised at how many people glommed onto these pooches’ escapades. With funny quips and the kind of looks only dogs can perfect in a spontaneously-captured moment, whether you’re a pet lover or not, you’ll definitely agree that these two have one of the most addictive Instagram accounts out there.

Hailey, who’s finishing up her MBA at Shulich, was gracious enough to show us the home that Shmends (and Hailey’s) parents own. As she’s finishing school and looking for work, Hailey, her boyfriend, Sonny, and Rems will soon be looking for a place of their own. But for now, we’re happy that Rems and Shmends get to spend so much time together, seeing as they’re BFFs. Read on for more about this fantastic dog duo and the girl behind their rising celeb status and be sure to check them out on Instagram!

Hailey Halpern - Rems & Shmends - Get Leashed Mag

Please tell us about yourself:

I’m a student at the Schulich School of Business studying entrepreneurship and marketing, so aside from my boys being a passion project, @remsandshmends was also an experiment.

Currently searching for a job, I divide my time between the job hunt, managing Rems & Shmends and my schoolwork, which may sound trivial, but all are quite chaotic. While (arguably) objectively cute, I never expected so many people to appreciate their cute dispositions and my quirky humor.

I have always been passionate about photography, but never had a purpose. I also never had the proper skills or training to make it a profession, so I am fortunate to have combined my passion for dogs and photography into this awesome adventure that is Rems & Shmends (www.remsandshmends.com).

A bit about your pets:

Rems’ real name is Remoissenet – named after a winery in France. My family is a wine family, so I am fortunate to have travelled to that specific winery; it was clearly quite memorable.

Rems is a Golden Retriever who just turned 4. Anomalously small, he is the runt of his litter. I have always had a Golden, so I am biased, but I truly think they are the most devoted, affectionate, and sociable breed. Rems has a one-of-a-kind personality and because he got to grow up with a brother, loves being around anyone he loves. Rems also smiles whenever he sees his family and friends after a while – it’s quite wonderful.

Shmends’ real name is (Prince) Andy. He is a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and perhaps the hungriest dog you have ever met. He has struggled with numerous health issues, so his weight is a tempestuous subject. Between the two boys, he is absolutely the leader. Shmends is boundlessly loyal to my dad, who has ensured the best care throughout his difficult life, so he has crowned him his favorite.

Hailey Halpern - Get Leashed Mag

What does your ideal weekend look like?

Depending on my workload, I try to take a variety of pictures of the boys every weekend. The best moments are in the park, especially when other dog lovers call the duo by name.

In all honesty, they love having their picture taken and have mastered the art. Knowing treats are the result of good behavior, they have started to recognize what my camera signals.

Rems loves long walks, while Shmends is a lazy bum – so, if I take them on a walk together, it’s typical that I have to drive to the dog park.

Aside from the park, hanging on the couch seems to be an all-time favorite activity we share, especially on the weekends.

Describe your personal style:

Colorful, vibrant, and unique. Aside from being passionate for fashion, I grew up in the industry, and have always had a knack for it. Rems and Shmends have, as a result, had their share of costumes, which they of course only let me do for special occasions.


What inspires you?

My family, friends, boyfriend, music, and my studies at Schulich. Anything can inspire me, really. I am more inspired and creative when I am comfortable and when I’m with those I enjoy.

How would you describe the look and feel of your home?

My home is traditional with modern features. As a student, I live with my parents; however, my future home will likely be heavily modern and industrial. I love open-concept spaces with endless natural light.

A story about Rems and Shmends:

My relationship with Rems and Shmends is very dissimilar – Rems was given to me as a graduation present from my parents for my undergrad degree, while Shmends was brought into the family as I was leaving for university As a result, I would comfortably say that Rems looks at me like a mother, while Shmends perceives me as his annoying older sister. The combination of personalities makes for funny and amusing escapades.