Lauren Kerbel

Get to know this freelance writer and content creator with Jameson the puppy!

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style Team

Lauren Kerbel - Get Leashed Magazine

We love meeting people that have a new puppy. One common statement we adore is: “he’s not what we expected he’d be, but we just love him so much.” Jameson, Lauren Kerbel’s 10-month-old Shichon, has loads more energy than she expected he would. Lauren and her fiancé, Craig, both had a similar breed growing up and while Jameson will likely soon fit the calm characteristics they remember, for now he’s doing his puppy thing and they’re just along for the ride – and loving it!

We caught up with Lauren in her downtown Toronto condo, complete with an excited puppy and a lovely senior cat. Lauren gives more insight into how her pets fit into her and her fiancés everyday life below.

Please tell us about yourself:

I’m currently working as a freelance writer and content creator (I’m essentially a one-woman creative agency), which gives me the flexibility to work on multiple creative projects at once. When I’m not writing articles (mostly about beauty products) for magazines, I’m working on copywriting, digital marketing strategies, graphic design and web development for my clients. I usually start my day with breakfast at my desk while scrolling through Flipboard to catch up on news. I try to get to a morning yoga class at least four times a week to clear my head for the rest of the day. My 10-month old puppy, Jameson, usually gets antsy around 2:30pm, so that’s when we head out for our daily walk. I usually spend the rest of the afternoon working while Jameson sleeps under my desk.

Lauren & jameson - Get Leashed Mag

A bit about your pet:

Jameson is a Shichon (Shih-Tzu/Bichon cross). My fiancée, Craig, and I always had dogs growing up, and have always wanted one of our own. Craig grew up with a Bichon and I grew up with a Shih Tzu, so we kind of had our hearts set on this breed from the start. We were expecting a calm, quiet lap dog, but when we brought Jameson home we realized that wasn’t going to be the case—he definitely keeps us on our toes. He has more energy than any dog I’ve ever met, but he’s also incredibly sweet and loving. I can’t imagine our lives without him now.

I also brought my family’s adorable tabby, Misha, to live with us when Craig and I moved in together. She’s not Jameson’s number one fan. At 16 years old she doesn’t always have the patience for a puppy, which she expresses by smacking him on the head if he gets too rambunctious. Luckily we’ve given Misha lots of out-of-reach places to escape to during the day (i.e. on a bed on top of the book case in our office), and she still gets my undivided attention when she snuggles in next to my pillow every night.

Jameson - Get Leashed Mag

What does your ideal weekend look like?

My ideal weekend would be in any season other than winter, when it’s warm enough to actually enjoy taking Jameson on a long walk or taking advantage of patio season.

When it’s cold outside, Netflix and chill is our weekend go-to, usually accompanied by a bottle of wine and homemade pizzas.

Describe your personal style:

Classic, minimalist, polished.

What inspires you?

I have a calligraphic quote framed on my desk that always inspires me—it used to belong to my late Father who I suspect had the same tendency to procrastinate as I do. It reads “One of the great secrets of success is to find a way of doing something rather than a reason not to do it.”

Lauren's Cat - Get Leashed Mag

How would you describe the look and feel of your home?

I think our apartment resembles a slightly disorganized but comfortable Ikea catalogue (we’ve spent a lot of time in that store), with some personal touches. We’ve managed to cram a lot of stuff into our small space, so furniture that doubles as storage is a must.

A story about Jameson:

When we first brought Jameson home, his favorite way to greet us was to gently put our entire wrist in his mouth. It was his way of showing love, but we quickly decided to replace wrists with toys for a more appropriate greeting. Now whenever anyone comes to the door (whether they’re friends or delivering takeout) he grabs whatever toy is closest to him and runs to greet them with it. He absolutely loves everyone he meets.