Social Pets – Cara Delevinge’s Adopted Pup Leo

The dog that attended a fashion show and blew up the Internet

By Jon Nelson

Cara Delevinge - Get Leashed Mag

Last month, Cara Delevingne brought her dog to a fashion show and the Internet and fashion world collectively lost their minds. Who would have guessed that even with so many stylish dogs making their mark on the fashion scene, actually bringing one to a show would get so much attention? Of course, it didn’t hurt that the 23 year-old mega-model wore a sequin-covered, mostly transparent bomber and some badass gold chain combat boots.

The jury is still out on whether the next trend in accessories will be adorable dogs but if it is, we hope other celebs take their cue from Cara and adopt! The starlet, famous for her tough girl attitude, was recently quoted as saying that Leo was adopted at a time when her maternal instincts were kicking in and she decided to do something about it. Seems like a great reason to get a dog to us!

On par with Delevinge’s attitude, there were reports that Leo peed on the Chanel runway and had to be taken outside by security. We’re not here to judge whether a dog belongs at a fashion show or not, but we we’re all for spending time with loved ones – especially those of the four legged, furry variety. Here’s hoping Leo makes more highly publicized appearances in the near future – we can’t get enough of his new star status and the welcome news that he was adopted! Check out our favorite Leo pics from Cara’s Instagram page below!