Diana & Jeff

Get to know these multifaceted entrepreneurs & Coconut the dog!

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style Team

Diana & Jeff - Get Leashed Mag

Creativity comes in many forms. To make amazing products grow, creativity is the water but passion is the sunlight. If you know Diana and Jeff, you know that they have both in spades. One thing we’ve found that we love to believe is that creative people have pets. Sounds true, right? Furthermore, creative people have the best relationships with their pets. Diana and Jeff prove this notion to the fullest. Their Golden Lab, Coconut, has been with Diana for over a decade and has surely seen her through countless transitions as their bond started when she was still in school. When they added Jeff to their squad, a tightknit family was born and the products of their creativity are nothing less than fabulous.

We’ll let Diana tell you more about Tiny Devotions and Jeff fill you in on Cole + Parker, but needless to say, we were totally infatuated with the inspirational jewelry collection and premium socks company. Together, they’re a non-stop, hustling couple with a lot on the go. But of course they still have time for Coconut, the dog that so obviously helps to keep them grounded.

Diana & Jeff - Get Leashed Magazine

Please tell us about yourselves:

DIANA:  I am the founder of Tiny Devotions. I oversee our management team as well as high-level aspects of marketing, product and finance. Tiny Devotions makes jewelry and mindful accessories to inspire people to live with intention. I’m also involved in our lending and real estate businesses.

My favorite part of Tiny Devotions is the business aspect. Having started something 6 years, I grew along with my company, learning everything including how to train and develop a passionate staff team so that I can focus on the big picture.

Regarding daily routine – I journal and reflect most days. We also usually workout and hit up the hot tub each day to wind down.

JEFF: I’m the co-founder (with Diana) of Cole + Parker. We make bold, colorful socks for leaders and legends. I also manage a private lending company, ADJ Holdings, where we do residential, commercial, land and development financing and I focus on commercial real estate transactions.

For routine, I’m with Diana in that I really try to nail down a solid journaling and reflecting practice to slow down. And then of course there is the hot tub.

DIANA: I guess you could say we are multifaceted entrepreneurs.

Dog & Socks - Get Leashed Mag

A bit about your pet:

DIANA: Coconut is a 11.5 year old yellow Labrador. He’s pretty famous because we have posted about him on Tiny Devotions Instagram page for years. I got Coconut while I was in University and he was the runt of the litter. I went to the breeder thinking I was really just going to look and not get a dog. Then I heard his name (Coconut) and knew this was my dog. I’m a California girl who loves the ocean and we spend many months of the year in San Diego.

Coconut suits our personality because he is a workaholic and jetsetter. He comes to work with us everyday and the staff always joke they want to be our dog. He has many residences and is comfortable staying with either of our parents. Jeff’s Dad is a vet and when he goes to stay with him he “works” in the clinic everyday. He has a perfect attendance record.

He also has flown on a private jet multiple times. He is unimpressed by dog food and tries to hold out for human food as much as he can.

JEFF: Diana is the alpha with Coconut and me and him are just litter mates.

What does your ideal weekend look like?

DIANA: I think our ideal weekend never looks the same. There are many elements that stay the same though: rest, good friends, good food and some sort of adventure or personal growth.

JEFF: Agreed. We are always exploring new places whether locally or internationally. We’re often jumping on a plane somewhere which is funny since Diana hates flying.

Tiny Devotions - Get Leashed Mag

Describe your personal style:

DIANA: Minimalist. Jetset. Some days Gypset (gypsy + jetset).

JEFF: Modern and sporty.

What inspires you?

DIANA: I have a growth mindset and I’m constantly learning from mentors whether in person or in books. The person who really stands out is Tony Robbins though. I’ve done his Business Mastery course twice in the past few years and he is a very evolved person in all areas of his life.

JEFF: Surfers who get barreled, Grant Cardone, author of 10x (entrepreneur and author) and modern architecture.

How would you describe the look and feel of your home?

DIANA: Minimalist and modern. Our office is across the street so Coconut walks through the park to work everyday.

JEFF: The less stuff and the more modern the better. We actually built this house from scratch.

Diana & Jeff's Golden - Get Leashed Mag

A story about Coconut:

DIANA: As a puppy, Coconut was an absolute terror and chewed everything I owned to death. My shoes, my bed, my clothes… everything. Over the years I have trained him to be a really well behaved dog with a calm nature. Except… at the cottage. When he gets to the cottage he literally goes ballistic and runs down to the water, steals everyone’s beach toys and wants to have a beach party for all hours of the day. One day we were at the cottage and were going out for dinner and left Coconut alone. When we got back we realized, in horror that he had learned how to unlock and open the back door and had been on the beach by himself having a beach party for hours. He made friends, found balls to play with and was having a blast.