Canadian Entrepreneur Launches Kickstarter’s #1 Pet Product of All Time

Luuup is the design-centric litter system that will change the way you look at litter boxes

By Fransi Weinstein

Luuup - Get Leashed Magazine

As a creative person myself, I’ve always loved people who think outside the box. Never expected to meet one who took it quite so literally, though.

Nick Petty is a Canadian entrepreneur who is taking latrine duty to a whole new level.

Back in the late 90s, Nick’s mother, Dini, went to her hairdresser for a new “do”, but left with a lot more than a haircut. When she arrived at the salon there was a guy on his hands and knees, showing off his invention — a 3-tray litter box system. He said he was looking for investors. Recognizing a big idea when she saw one, she signed on right then and there. Millions were sold on TV and then the product disappeared.

Luup - Get Leashed Mag

It may have been gone, but it wasn’t forgotten

Nick told me that he, and his mother, “always wanted to bring it back.” But there were some product improvements he wanted to make first, which has been done. It’s been re-designed, it’s larger, made from better materials and overall construction is better. What amazes me is how something so aesthetically pleasing can still be functional. But it is.

He also wanted to simplify the process, and lower the cost, of getting the product to market and into customers’ hands.

Nick Petty, Founder of Luuup

Even the way that’s been done is ingenious

The traditional way of manufacturing, selling and shipping is cumbersome, slow, expensive and there’s very little left over for the bottom line. But “traditional” is not a word anyone would use to describe Nick or this litter box.

So he went the unconventional route. Crowdfunding. Knowing full well that a successful campaign on Kickstarter (world’s largest funding platform for creative projects) would get the Luuup Litter Box in front of thousands and thousands of potential “backers” easily, quickly and affordably, Nick and Dini produced a video. She did the talking, he performed the “magic” – showing how you can clean a litter box in mere seconds. No fuss, no muss, no scooping.

The goal? Raise $50,000. To date more than $920,000 has been raised and there’s still a few days of the campaign remaining. That’s a whopping 18 times more than they originally wanted!

I asked Nick how all that extra money would be spent. “Well,” he said, “Now we can look further ahead and start thinking about what’s next for Luuup as a company.” He went on to explain that the “Luuup Litter Box is the lead product in a series of products, all of which will follow the same principles of quality, modern design and the simple, but smart, application of technology.”

Want one?

Better hurry. There’s not many days left on the campaign, and they’re selling like hot cakes so head over to Luuup’s Kickstarter as quickly as you can. They’ll also be available both online and in store later this year, across North America.

In case you’re wondering, even though they are so streamlined, they can “accommodate” even large cats — good news for me because one of mine is the size of an adult raccoon. Nick, by the way, recommends you use traditional clumping litter. And if you don’t already have enough to be happy about, less litter is lost during the cleaning process and the box stays cleaner, longer. Less cost and less schlepping all those heavy bags.

No wonder it’s Kickstarter’s #1 Pet Product of all time.