Social Pets – Juji the Giant Dog

Chris Cline loves his dog. Big time.

By Jon Nelson

Juji the dog - Get leashed Magazine

Remember Clifford the Big Red Dog? If you were ever in kindergarten, you most certainly do. Since 1963, generations of children have let their imaginations grow alongside the giant dog through hundreds of stories penned by author Norman Bridwell. Children and parents alike connected with Clifford so readily because they understood that a special friendship with a dog was bigger than the real world could contain. Today, there’s a new big dog reminding us to expand our imaginations in the name of pure joy. His name is Juji.

Christopher Cline’s love for his dog Juji is as big as could be. He makes no connection between his artwork and the Clifford books, but at the core of his images there is fun, playfulness and friendship that the imaginative, child-like pet lover in all of us can connect to.

Juji the dog - Get Leashed Magazine  Juji the dog - Get Leashed Mag

Juji was a gift from Chris’s partner at a time when he was feeling low and uninspired. We all know that dogs promote creativity. At the least, their unconditional love makes us happier and they force us to move, getting outside for a walk and letting our minds wander – all things creativity thrives on. At the most, they can be our muses, which is the case with Chris and Juji.

On Instagram, Chris constantly one-ups himself with more elaborate scenarios for a man with a giant dog to engage in. While the pictures are wonderful, it’s the words Chris attaches that really tell the story. He’s gracious and humbled that he’s found a loving and appreciative audience for his work, while making sure to explain his pictures and how he felt when he designed each one. It’s really a touching relationship told through each image. We can’t help but fall in love.

As should be expected, Chris is commissioned to makes images for fans and their dogs. If you’d like, you can reach out to Chris here. Instructions he’ll need for your work can be found on his Facebook page. Of course, with Juji surging in popularity, you might have to wait a while for a reply.