Bree & Anushki

Real estate, DJing and holistic practicing with this hip Toronto couple

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style Team

Bree & Anushki - Get Leashed Magazine

Dogs and cats aren’t meant to get along, but when they do it’s because they’re family. Forced to live together, many of them co-exist as our furry children, some even falling in love, found snuggling up and sharing beds. It helps when the cat is bigger than the non-threatening dog, as is the case with Bree and Anushki’s pets. Spoon the cat met Tank the 6 pound Yorkie when their respective parents got together and recently, they’ve become housemates in the couple’s new home. While their relationship wasn’t instantly harmonious, the cat and dog are now totally cool with one another and definitely make their home a happy one.

You can easily tell these two are incredibly excited to have a new home together. Their pets make it extra happy, but Bree and Anushki fill it with love. Trees and hearts adorn every room, representing growth and a strong partnership which, we assume, is why their cat and dog can’t help but get along.

Get to know this gorgeous couple and their pets further below…

Bre & Anushk 30

Please tell us about yourselves:

Anushki: I am a Realtor by day and a DJ by night! I love the balance of business and creativity – and so do my clients!

Bree: I am currently studying to be a Holistic Practitioner and on my days or nights off, I usually spend it cuddling with my boys or practicing Reiki on them (haha). I am very much an outgoing introvert who loves to stay home and watch movies or talk to her plants and fish.

A bit about your pets:

Anushki: Spoon was named partly as a joke and then the name stuck. It is actually the perfect name for him because he loves to snuggle… Little spoon of course.

Bree: Tank is a Teacup Yorkie. For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted a Teacup Yorkie (probably because I am completely fascinated with Audrey Hepburn and she had one). While on my search for him, I saw a website with a bunch of puppies and one was named Tank. I knew right then and there that that would be his name. He may be small, but man is he ever mighty! When you take him for a walk, you can see that he holds himself like a ‘tank.’ And he has absolutely no issues playing with the big boys at the dog park.

Bre & Anushki

What does your ideal weekend look like?

Anushki: Walks in the Beaches with Tank, snuggles with Spoon and Tank on the couch, brunch with friends.

Bree: Going out dancing on Fridays, walks on the beach with Tank on Saturday morning, snugs with Spoon and a movie on Saturday night and brunch at Maha’s on Sundays with friends.

Describe your personal style:

Anushki: Tomboy, ripped jeans, scarfs, leather men’s boots or Adidas sneakers!

Bree: As Nush likes to call me, my style is ‘Bohemian Chic.’ I love to dress very comfortable (H&M men’s) or like a flower child around the house, but when I go out on the town, the 6-inch stilettos come out! Dress to impress.

What inspires you?

Honestly, everything inspires me. I am on a very spiritual growing path right now and it opens my eyes to all the little things we so easily miss in life. From the way the sun shines during the sunset, to the simplistic lives our animals lead. It all inspires me to slow down and to breathe it all in one step at a time.

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How would you describe the look and feel of your home?

Our home is magical. It’s full of wizards and a witch!

A story about your pets:

Anushki: When we first introduced Tank to Spoon, and they started living with each other, they absolutely hated one another. We will never forget the time Spoon stared at Tank from a distance and then ran AT him, and chased him at full speed as if he were chasing a mouse! One of us had to rugby tackle the cat while the other had to lift the dog clear off the ground to stop him from getting mauled… by the cat! We laugh hysterically at that to this day! We are delighted to say they adore one another now.

Bree: Nush and I like to take trips out of the city up to a cabin in the woods. Really unplug and get one with nature. We are fortunate enough to stay at a place with a beautiful private dock to swim off of (which depending on the weather, can be a little chilly). We decided to jump in despite the overcast clouds and looming rain above us. We counted to three and took the plunge. When I surfaced, I heard Tank going crazy with barks from the dock we jumped from (probably about 2 feet above the water). Once he saw Nush’s head pop up out of the water, he lunged off the dock to where we were treading water. I truly believe he was coming to save us, all six and a half pounds of him.  That is why he is our hero!