Kate Drummond

Follow your dreams with this actress & her wonderful dog Jackson

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style Team

Kate Drummond - Get Leashed Magazine

Kate Drummond has a passion for storytelling and we couldn’t be happier about it. She could be a poster girl for following your dreams, a former school teacher who switched career paths to become an actress, starting over to do what felt right in her heart. She’s full of interesting anecdotes and bursting with exciting news of the latest chapters from her life in the acting world. Since we’re all about exposing the stories behind stylish go-getters and their pets, meeting Kate and Jackson was an absolute pleasure!

Dogs can be our anchors when our lives are up in the air. Kate’s eleven-year relationship with Jackson implies that the dog has been by her side through major life shifts. We doubt Kate could have found a more perfect dog to accompany her on her journey. Jackson’s totally chilled out with a take-it-as-it-comes attitude. We got the impression that as long as there’s a comfy bed and a good bone, he’s happy to make anywhere his home. Thankfully, Kate’s moved him close to the lake to live out his golden years and she happily explains that being close to the beach has given him extra joy and rejuvenation.

We’ll leave it to Kate to share more about her life and relationship with Jackson.

Kate Drummond _ Get Leashed Magazine

Please tell us about yourself:

I’m an actress working mostly in film and television and video games, but I also do a lot of voice work. I am currently co-starring on a series of movies called The Flower Shop Mysteries alongside Brooke Shields and Beau Bridges and I just finished a recurring role on the upcoming Wynonna Earp, premiering in April. In the video game world, I play Anna Grimsdottir in Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell Blacklist, and most recently, I play the role of Dr. Jessica Kandel in The Division. I also just co-wrote and co-directed my first feature film called Go Fish which has just gone into post-production.

I have an incredible passion for storytelling and for people in general. As a kid, I was lost in my imagination all the time, creating worlds and stories, and inventing characters. As an adult, I love that I make my living doing the same. I’m so intrigued by human nature. I love exploring it and shedding light on things that are universal, but often not talked about. I love when I get a role that calls on me to dig deep and learn more about myself as a woman. My favorite part of being an actress is the artistic collaboration. Something magical happens when you get a bunch of people together with a similar drive to tell stories. Connectedness. Honesty.

Daily routine? What’s that?!  If I’m not on set, my daily routine usually starts with a long walk along the water with my dog, Jackson. I love collecting stones and neat little treasures and he likes to dig. Hanging out by the water is a great way to set the tone for the day and calm my brain before the craziness begins. I’ll go to the gym or do yoga, do some writing and work on scripts that I’m preparing to film. If I’m really feeling adventurous, I’ll try a new recipe — but I’m a bit of a disaster in the kitchen.

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A bit about your pet:

Jackson is an 11.5 year-old Great Dane and Lab mix.  He was rescued from a puppy mill in Quebec. It was really sad. Something like seven SPCA’s were called in to help because there were over a hundred puppies in really grave condition. Jackson was part of the litter that my local agency, B.A.R.K (Bytowne Association for Rescued Kanines), rescued. I grew up with rescue dogs my whole life, so adopting one myself was really the only option.

After six weeks of quarantine, the pups went to live with foster parents while they waited for their forever homes to present themselves. When I went to meet Jackson, he tumbled over to me, and fell fast asleep between my feet. I knew at that moment that I had been chosen. Probably the luckiest day of my life. He was a very sick dog and I was warned that he may not have a long life, but it didn’t matter. There was something very special about this puppy. We were bonded instantly. Jackson and I have been through so much together. He is such an old soul. There’s something so special about the way he senses people’s moods. He’s a nurturer, a partner and a best friend. He’s known as the “gentle giant” to all the dogs in the neighborhood because he is extremely sensitive and submissive. He lets puppies jump all over him. I think Jackson is just so grateful for his life. A lot of people say how lucky he is that I saved his life…but truly, it was he who saved mine.

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What does your ideal weekend look like?

Every morning starts with a “thump thump thump” of a massive tail against my dresser beside my bed. It’s the Jackson Alarm Clock. On the weekend, he usually hops up on the bed, and we cuddle and slowly wake up. Then I have a coffee and we spend hours by the water, walking along the boardwalk. My favourite coffee shop these days is called The Remarkable Bean. They have a gluten-free peanut butter cookie to die for!!! For me, weekends are for taking pictures, eating sushi, napping, seeing friends and playing volleyball or some other sport.

Describe your personal style:

Natural, relaxed, down-to-earth accented with a bit of quirky. I love wearing my high tops and jeans.

What inspires you?

Above all else, it’s the human heart that inspires me. Whether it’s through my art, my writing, volunteering in my community or simply spending time with family and friends, I love experiencing the human condition. I love learning about what makes us unique. What our stories are. How we each connect with the world. What our beautiful flaws are. For me, I strive to live my life authentically, full of expression and truth, and that means that I wear my heart on my sleeve. I love the feeling of being connected to people, to my community, to the bigger picture. What inspires me? Seems like everything does in some way or another.

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How would you describe the look and feel of your home?

My home is my sacred space… my sanctuary. It’s incredibly warm and welcoming. It’s eclectic, earthy and has a real loving vibe to it. It combines the warmth of a century home with natural woods and stained glass, but has splashes of modern renovations as well. I don’t really follow any specific decorating or style trends…if I love something or it speaks to my heart, it’s likely found a place in my home. It feels like my home and my personality are well-matched; both full of love, unique and ready to welcome people in.

A story about Jackson:

When I first adopted Jackson, I was in a long-term relationship. A few years later, the relationship ended and I was adamant that the only “thing” I wanted, was Jackson. It was an extremely difficult time of my life and for the first time in a long time, I was alone. Living alone. It was strange for the first couple of weeks because Jackson and I were sort of fighting for the “alpha” position in the household. He would chew things, and not listen. He was acting out. I was tired and worn out. I was also upset because I thought that maybe the bond we had developed over the first 4 years had been broken. It was a devastating thought. One night, I just collapsed. I was breaking down; sitting on the kitchen floor in a flood of tears. Feeling like I had no one, no support. My family lived far away and I was truly alone. My head was buried in my hands as I sobbed. It was one of those moments where it felt like the world was ending. I felt this little wet nose reach under my hands and gently nudge my head up. Repeatedly. Jackson softly licked me on my face and laid down on my lap and I held onto him for the next 2 hours. He didn’t move. He comforted me. It was almost a spiritual experience. I knew in that exact moment, that I was going to be fine, that he and I would be fine, more than fine, and that anything life would throw at us, we would face it together. And we have. Through career changes, moving cities, through sicknesses…this friendship has withstood the ultimate test and has been such a rock in my life.

And as a side note, we’re still not sure who’s “alpha” and we’re ok with that.