Jane & Josh

Advertising, architecture and Boggle the dog

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style Team

Jane & Josh - Get Leashed Magazine

If you live in a big city, the best work-life scenario is if you can walk to work. Jane & Josh both have this luxury and as pet people, we couldn’t be happier for their dog! Boggle the Wheaten gets to roll with Jane to work in a dog-friendly office and on days she can’t take him, Josh’s office is close enough for him to jump home for a quick dog walk. Boggle might not know it, but he’s got one of the best deals a dog can get!

Being as happy as he is, Boggle was pretty into greeting us in his special way. He excitedly showed us an awesome east end home that Josh, being as architecturally savvy as he his, made even cooler with some modern, incredibly smart design.

We’ll leave it to these two to tell you more about their lives in Corktown with Boggle the dog…

Jane Forbes- Get Leashed Magazine

Please tell us about yourselves:

I’m a Sr. Project Manager at an advertising agency. I love being surrounded by creativity everyday. The agency is also dog-friendly, which is awesome. Having dogs at work is so great for office culture. Everyone loves Boggle there. Joshua is an Architectural Designer at a boutique architecture firm. We live in Corktown and both our offices are in the neighborhood. On days that Boggle doesn’t go to work, Joshua or myself will go home at lunchtime to take him for a walk.

A bit about your pet:

Jane: Boggle is a Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier. Josh has allergies and Wheatens don’t shed, so that was initially what narrowed down our decision. Wheatens are known to be joyful and bouncy and Boggle is no exception! Growing up, Josh always wanted to get a cat named Scrabble and a dog named Boggle. However, since he’s allergic to cats, we were able to make half of his childhood dream come true. We both try to live pretty active lifestyles, which fits well with the energy of a Wheaten. We love taking Boggle on walks through the city or hopping on the streetcar with him to head across town. He’s quite the little urban adventurer.

Jane Forbes- Get Leashed Magazine 12

What does your ideal weekend look like?

Walking around Corktown with Boggle to get coffee at Tandem Coffee or Sumach Espresso. Anywhere we walk with Boggle people often want to pet him or hug him because his fur is so soft and he looks like a giant teddy bear.

Describe your personal style:

Jane: Ummm, I just try to look half decent? Haha. Josh has much better style than me so I try not to interfere.

What inspires you?

Gratitude and laughter. We laugh a lot together, and we laugh at Boggle a lot. He’s a goof and certainly enriches our lives in ways that we didn’t know existed before we got him.

Jane Forbes- Get Leashed Magazine10

How would you describe the look and feel of your home?

Jane: Modern meets industrial maybe? The space was originally zoned for commercial use so it’s unique in that sense. It also had no individual rooms or closets so Joshua designed and built us a bedroom with a closet. We encased the external walls of the room in  corrugated sheet metal for a shipping container look.

A story about Boggle:

Jane: We had a puppy camera when he was younger (he’s 3 now). We could watch Boggle through an app on our phones. At one point, we were trying to reverse crate train and leave him free reign of the loft. I was on the streetcar across town one day and checked the  camera on my phone to see how he was doing. Boggle was right on top of the kitchen table sniffing around. I felt helpless just watching him be mischievous and not being able to do anything about it. I couldn’t help but laugh. Never a dull moment with Boggle, that’s for sure.