10 Reasons Why Your Cat Hates Your Boyfriend

Why your feline friend opposes your love life

By Leslie Phelan

Permanently unimpressed.

Most cats hate new people, period. If they don’t hide out and ignore intruders completely, then they are coming down to judge and watch with apprehension and general displeasure when a new person comes by. But sometimes cats tend to have a very special hate-on for their parent’s new boo.

You may think that all the hissing and scratching and avoidance is just the cat acting out of jealousy. This could be it; or it could be something else entirely.

Behold: ten reasons why your cat hates your boyfriend:

1. Because he is there

Cats are notoriously territorial, and tend to dislike any disruption to their regular routines. Being as introverted and sly as they are, the fact that he exists at all within your kitty’s sphere of personal space makes him an automatic target for pure, plotting-his-death-from-on-high hatred.

2. Because he smells different

Cats familiarize themselves with people and things by rubbing the ‘friendly’ pheromones that radiate from around their mouths and cheeks onto them. This is why your cat rubs its face on you; he loves you and wants to relate with you at a chemical level to further enjoy that love. On the flipside of this, most cats hate anything they haven’t familiarized themselves with yet, so for the time being, everyone just needs to accept that the cat is not ready to love your boo the way you do.

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