Suzanne Donaldson

Meet NYC’s Mrs. Sizzle, fashion forward expert on all things pet chic

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style Team (Photo credit: @michaelwilliamsphoto)

Suzanne Donaldson - Get Leashed Magazine

It’s a fact universally acknowledged that if you’re looking for the epitome of forward-thinking in any industry or niche, you need look no further than New York City. And that’s why we’re fascinated with Mrs. Sizzle. Her work reflects a collision of Get Leashed Magazine’s two obsessions — pets and fashion — taken to the next level of cool.

As Glamour’s former photo director, Suzanne Donaldson has long impressed with her keen aesthetic sense and stunning style. Now, as the creator of Mrs. Sizzle, she’s keeping one foot in the fashion world while turning her eye towards her other passion: animals. Her website is a bridging of all things culture and pets, brought to life through gorgeous photography.

Best of all, Mrs. Sizzle avidly promotes animal welfare and seeks to raise awareness around rescue issues. Many of the features showcase human-animal bonds derived through rescue and captured artistically. Stories are both touching and visually captivating – a combination we haven’t seen accomplished with such perfect poise anywhere else.

Suzanne was gracious enough to allow us to get to know her and her three adorable dogs a bit more personally. Read on for more on this visionary of the pet and fashion communities and be sure to keep up with Mrs. Sizzle online!

Suzanne_Donaldson_Get Leashed Mag

Please tell us about yourself:

I am self-employed and have been for several years now. In fact the best parts of my daily routine are walking the dogs in the morning and having one of them in my lap as I work, (which in fact, one is doing right now). I have an animal blog called Mrs. Sizzle, which is an art photography website that features many interesting people and their pets, mainly from the art and fashion industry, as this is my background.

As a result of the website I have many clients that have come to me for visual consultation and brand building. It might not necessarily relate to pets at all but this is where my inspiration comes from.

A bit about your pets:

I have three dogs – Gus, a Labradoodle that is really my husband’s dog if that even makes sense and Edie and Clair who are Morkies (if that is such a breed). As a result of purchasing all my dogs and the backlash I got from many dog enthusiasts and especially my trainer at the time, I have dedicated my site to animal advocacy and promoting awareness about fostering and adoption.

Suzanne_Donaldson - Morkies - Get Leashed Magazine

What does your ideal weekend look like?

My husband and I have a house on Long Island that we rarely miss a weekend going to. We were lucky enough to find one on the water so my little guys, the Morkies, and I head out on the train and pick Gus up as we head to the house. Gus lives in Long Island during the week as he didn’t adjust too well when we moved into a tiny apartment in the city. Walks on the beach and snuggling by the fire with the furs is my idea of a brilliant weekend.

Describe your personal style:

Clair Underwood meets Diana Vreeland in jean if there ever was that moment.

What inspires you?

People who do amazing things. Right now I am especially in awe of anyone that is an animal advocate – photographers, rescue groups, volunteers but anyone funny with a social conscience also works…

How would you describe the look and feel of your home?

Pink. Very pink. I find it a calming color. And leopard. I need to tame the wild animals (jk).

I love art, so I am surrounded by that and many photographs that have been given to me or have been taken of me and my family. Dog beds are important too. You can’t have enough of those around.

A story about your pet:

Gus can bite, but is a lamb. I can do the same. Edie and Clair are like furry marshmallows.  They are just so damn cute that you can’t help but love them.

One word to describe them each:

Edie – Flamboyant
Clair – “Special”
Gus – Discerning