John Wilk

Get to know this partner at Climax Media & his dog Jacob

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style Team

John Wilks - Get Leashed Magazine

There’s something to be said for the ability to make a busy life look relaxed. In this respect, John Wilk is on his game. He wears several different hats, dabbles in a couple of businesses, and gives significant time to a few great hobbies. We suppose that’s why he calls home his sanctuary – because for a guy who might be living it up in Miami, manning a cockpit, or tackling the peaks of Whistler on any given weekend, home needs to be a place where you can truly let go.

Of course nothing makes a home more homey than having a chill pup waiting for you there. Jacob, John’s Morkie/partner in crime is small in size but big in attitude. The little guy rolls everywhere with John and keeps him grounded when he can’t be at home. It’s awesome to see such a tiny pup instantly grow in stature when he’s around his owner, and, on the flipside, we bet there’s something about hanging with a tiny pup that gives John – an otherwise tall and muscly man – his calm, cool and collected style.

Needless to say, man/dog buddy stories are our favorite so we’ll leave it to John to fill you in on the rest of this dynamic duo’s life.

John Wilks - Get Leashed Magazine

Please tell us about yourself:

I am very active. I start my days at 7 am with a gym workout and a long steam. I am an entrepreneur. I own a digital agency called Climax Media, a magazine called ‘Day & Nite’ and I am a partner of a venue at the Thompson Toronto Hotel called Wildflower.

I love what I do because it is challenging and exposes me to different scenarios where I can apply my business skills. I am a people person; I enjoy helping my employees grow and reach their career goals and I really enjoy making my clients happy.

I started out in business when I was 17 and through hard work, networking and consistency I was very lucky to make it to where I am today.

In my personal life I always have a lot of people around me. I am very close with my family and friends. I really feel that people enrich your life. You can learn a lot from people and it’s very important to give back.

John Wilks_Morkie_Get Leashed Magazine

A bit about your pet:

Jacob is a ‘morkie’ and he’s 8 years old. I wanted to get a small dog because they are easier to travel with and it’s easier to find a baby sitter. Jacob is also very low maintenance and very chill. It suits my personality because I am the same.

What does your ideal weekend look like?

I’m very big on balance so although I love to go off on the weekend and have fun, I also need to do something productive. My ideal weekend consists of going out for dinner and drinks with my friends, going for long runs on the waterfront or in Trinity Bellwoods, going to the gym, having brunch and fitting in some downtime.

Recently I started working towards my private pilot license and I have flying lessons on Saturdays with an instructor. It’s a lot of fun and lends itself to a quiet Friday night because I need to be fresh in the AM.

I often take quick weekend trips to Miami or ski trips. I hate sitting around. I love planning adventures and experiences. When I want to get rowdy I organize a big group of friends and we hit up Wildflower on the weekend.

I also love to throw big dinner parties at my house for my friends and family. We all get together and cook big feasts, chill on my roof-top deck and relax in my Jacuzzi and have a couple laughs.

Describe your personal style:

My favorite store is Got Style. They have the perfect combination of casual and dressy clothes.

I typically wear sneakers or loafers with zanerobes and a t-shirt, topped off with a blazer for the office or a dinner date.

John Wilkis_ Get Leashed Magazine

What inspires you?

I feel that this year the adventures I’ve been on have really inspired me to grow as a person. If you keep growing, learning and progressing, you will never get bored and you will always be happy.

In February I went heli-skiing in Whistler; it was the most surreal experience ever. We were dropped off at the side of a mountain 6000 feet up and we skied down. It was insane and really showed me that you can push yourself to different heights.

How would you describe the look and feel of your home?

My home feels like heaven. I love all the light, neutral colors, the high ceilings. I’m very big on Miami and a lot of my home was inspired by how homes in Miami are designed. I feel really at ease at home; it’s my private oasis.

A story about Jacob:

Jacob and I are best friends: we wake up together, eat breakfast together, go for a morning walk together and drive to the office together.