Joanne & AJ

This awesome, newly-engaged couple is the cat’s meow!

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style Team

Joanne & AJ- Get Leashed Magazine

In this day and age, it’s perfectly fine to have less than traditional interests. In fact, it’s encouraged. And while so many people are scrambling to glom onto something that makes them a little bit different and hopefully a little bit weird, Joanne Barnett has been far from the mainstream since forever. And the coolest thing? She’s not even trying. Jo’s never apologized for who she is or what she’s into and that makes her the best kind of person and a much sought-after friend. Recently, she found a man who wanted to be more than just her friend (like, a lot more) and, lucky guy, Joanne’s letting him.

AJ is the yin to Joanne’s yang. The jelly to her jam. The walking to her dead. Yes, you’ll notice from the photos that these two share a love of horror films and television (or at least AJ is faking it pretty well for the prize). Together, they have three cats: a passion of Joanne’s that AJ seems to appreciate. And, lucky guy again, the cats all seem to like him. While they range in age (and amount of fur), they’re all totally loving and oh, so well loved.

We’ll leave it to Jo to tell you more about her life with AJ and the three cats they share it with.

Please tell us about yourself:

I am a business manager at an amazing design company named Jacknife. Working with brilliant, creative people on a regular basis keeps me cool in my older age. They really inspire me every time I see the new work we pump out. As for AJ, he’s the smartest person I know. Half the time I don’t know what he’s working on, but I know he’s always busy. From being a scaffolding genius to and all-around business man, I just trust he’ll bring home the bacon.

Joanne Barnett - Sphynx - Get Leashed Magazine

A bit about your pets:

Our oldest is Binx aka Party Kitty — the Russian Blue. I got him when I first moved out on my own. I think my mom found him in someone’s backyard or farm. Ludo my little short haired domestic, came about 3 years ago when I had to put Nacho down and was absolutely devastated. My mom couldn’t stand listening to me anymore. And then there is our Jarvis, aka Jarvis Winston Reid — a Sphynx. I have wanted one for years and my lovely fiancée made my dream come true. We got him at a shoddy breeder (who I wanted to go rob of their cats after the fact), but alas AJ wouldn’t let me. Jarvis is pretty much our baby, and gets treated like it.

What does your ideal weekend look like?

A Jays game, a cottage getaway, cuddles on the couch with our boys, and me kicking AJ’s ass in cheesy Wii Fit games and Super Mario.

Describe your personal style:

I like to say I’m hobo-chic, hahaha. Who knew it costs so much money to look like a bum all the time? AJ, my love, his style is what I tell him to wear; I usually dress him or tell him to change when I don’t like something.

What inspires you?

We both strive just to be the best people we can possibly be. Our friends inspire us, their stories, our parents, our love. We inspire each other, just by being so different. We want to be known as the people you can always trust and rely on.

Joanne Barnett - AJ - Get Leashed Magazine

How would you describe the look and feel of your home?

Comfy, chill, relaxed. We want people to come over and feel right at home. I would have a lot more skulls, blood and dead things around, but AJ told me I have to grow up someday. God help him when we’re married.

A story about your pet:

It’s funny ‘cause it just happened the other day. We had some good friends over for dinner. Let’s just say my friend Karly would be quite happy not to have Jarvis around. I felt bad locking him up, so through the dinner he gnawed on their feet, jumped on their laps and climbed on their shoulders. As I’m describing to them how amazing his is and how much we love him, he spills my red wine all over the table then throws AJ’s glass onto the floor, shattering it. This is our life with our baby, and it’s teaching me patience and tolerance for when we have human babies. And I also see that I was right about my fiancée, he’s going to be an amazing father.