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Gemma Gené’s Mochi the Pug comics are the best thing on Instagram

By Jon Nelson

157ofGemma - Get Leashed Magazine

It is hard not to love pugs. Their adorable, squishable faces and perfectly stout and muscular little bodies make them incredibly endearing, not to mention their vivacious attitudes and sensitive souls. They’re ideal for cuddling up to on cold evenings, which is probably why they were bred as bed warmers and highly valued companions to elite Chinese families in ancient times. And let’s not forget their constant sniffs and snorts, a language all their own that pug owners learn to endure and even make sense out of, making the pug a more communicative companion than most.

Mochi & Mochi - 157ofGemma - Get Leashed MagGemma Gené loves her pug, Mochi. So much so that she began drawing one panel cartoons with Mochi as the star, snowballing in popularity on Instagram. It’s hard to say whether the pug is protagonist or antagonist in his series, but he’s hilarious nonetheless.

Mochi’s pug attributes are expertly captured and perfectly exploited on Gemma’s Instagram, 157ofGemma, and her blog of the same name. Mochi’s humor is very much relatable for any pug owner, whether it’s his fierce loyalty to Gemma (Mochi seems to dislike Gemma’s relationship), his intense love of food, or his tendency towards a little bit of separation anxiety.

Named after a Japanese ice cream, this three year old pug is sweet-as-can-be, and will easily become your new favorite thing on Instagram. We can’t wait to see what Mochi and Gemma get up to next.

Gemma’s prints are available for purchase here and be sure to keep an eye out for commission availability!

Check out Gemma’s other artwork on her personal website too!